Sun Long’s mistake revealed the real reason, Wang Meng could not understand!The selection of Korean head coach is intriguing

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On February 16, Beijing time, China lost the men’s 5km short track speed skating final in the Winter Olympic Games, ranked fifth and failed to stand on the podium, which is a big blow for wu Dajing ren Ziwei and other core members.China’s Sun Long’s mistake during the match sparked a heated debate on the Internet. I don’t know what you think, please leave your opinion in the comments section below. Thank you.In an interview after the race, Li Wenlong, a Member of the Chinese team, explained the cause of Sun’s fall, saying that sun may have stepped into a deep ditch created by a larger group and lost his balance.Since there was no physical contact between Sun Long and any of his opponents at the time, this may be the only explanation, but only Sun Long knows for sure.Wu Dajing also excused Sun Long, he said sun Long was crying to apologize to them, they did not blame Sun Long, but has been encouraging Sun Long.Wu dajing said that he felt sun Long was under great pressure and felt very depressed. He also said sorry in tears all the time. We did not blame him, but hoped that the 20-year-old could live a better life in the future.However, this statement obviously will not be Wang Meng and Zhou Yang and other Famous Chinese team to understand and accept easily, after all, there are trenches on the field, and a lot of trenches, why you stepped on it, this point a little unreasonable, of course, there will be this kind of accidental situation.However, Wang Meng also pointed out that at that time, the Chinese team to Sun Long’s task is obviously to let him steady, must be careful, do not expect you to the first two impact, can stabilize wu Dajing at that time to the third place, the result or backfire.Wang meng is implicitly talked about the problem for transfers-will, he said the Chinese team that’s worth thinking of choose and employ persons, so when it comes to choose and employ persons, no doubt will be associated with the Chinese team head coach Jin Shantai, Korean coach Jin Shantai without doubt to have the final decision of choose and employ persons, but according to the contract signed with Jin Shantai in China, in fact Jin Shantai or completed the goal.Officially began in June 2019 Jin Shantai served as China’s short track speed skating team manager, there are clear of contract signed by both parties, is to improve the Chinese team performance of the agreement, reached a world-class level, make China breakthrough success at the Beijing Olympics, the short track all of nine projects have to get the qualification,And at least four MEDALS at the Olympics.And there had to be two gold MEDALS for both men and women, and in the end The Chinese team just got two gold MEDALS and a silver and a bronze, just to complete the mission.The author thinks that to be fair, we now really is not very good, we are the other two gold MEDALS, also is there a way to power factor, theory, now we really almost, the overall strength of the team overall strength is not strong, especially when Wu Dajing after retirement, I’m afraid the Chinese team will itself in a situation of a period of more in the future.