“Zhai Yinglan” aftertaste that year yuan snack

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Zhai Yinglan (orchid) is another year yuan Snack, the memory of the notes in the fold of a good, just like opening the dusty treasure box of moonlight.That year, to the appointment came to have your city, living in the center of the town, there is no month hanging willow shoots, only the early lights.Yuan snack that year is really lively, the streets surging, fireworks all over the sky.Dragon dance, land boat, yangko dance, walking on stilts, is really lively.We did not linger, but tried to enter a teahouse, quiet down.But who can expect, into the teahouse hall, is decorated, beaming, here is holding a reward for new and old customers guessing riddles with prizes.Lanterns full house, each with its own characteristics, there are rotating, jumping, music, singing.Under each lantern there is a banner with riddles and prizes written on it.Attract many people to linger.At the moment I am ecstatic, dizzying, urge you to see.There were so many spectators that few took off their banners.We turned around and could not bear to leave, suddenly found an inconspicuous lamp, inconspicuous a few words, lantern riddle is “Sun Tzu won ye”, wow!I know, the answer is “Gong Sun sheng”, the prize is a purple teapot.I was so happy, I took off the banner, went to the bar and got the prize.Later I knew that there were TV reporters at that time, and the lantern riddle party was also on the news of the city, and we were also on TV.I vaguely remember you raving about my cleverness.In your eyes, I get a sense of intimacy and happiness.That yuan snack made me happy and worth my aftertaste.Next, we sat down at a Japanese-style teahouse, the first time I had ever walked into such a classy one.The zen meaning of Japanese tea house is completely opposite to the hustle and bustle of yuan snack outside, and your whole state of mind is stable to no problem.Ordered a pot of oolong tea, we are eventually vulgar, drink its high fragrance and rock charm.The tea master kneels to perform the tea ceremony, and I was in a state of ecstasy. At that time, I also felt uncomfortable and felt that people were too hard.From the four treasures of the tea table to the smell and taste of tea, I opened my eyes and tried the wonderful outside world.After all these years, I guess the excitement and screams of winning the lantern riddle are still in my ears.That yuan snack is still unforgettable, whether the purple sand pot is genuine or fake, still retained, still in use.Often make tea in hand, like to touch the yuan snack with you, warm and happy.That yuan snack is a topic I often show off and chat with my friends.Every year the Lantern Festival, I have to aftertaste, recapture the joy and beauty of that night!Author: Zhai Yinglan (Orchid) Shenyang, Liaoning province, the jurisdiction of faku people, now retired, leisure like reading, rippling in the text to cultivate the heart from practice, through the power of the text to express the love of life, achievement long-cherished wishes, looking forward to the future.Please long press to identify the qr code in the picture below. Scan the QR code to pay attention to the heart of flowers.Please refer to “Submission Instructions” on the homepage of the platform for details of submission and payment.