The Winter Olympics will bring Chinese romance to the whole world

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Article | edit |; ZiMu glittering and translucent ice, swirling snowflakes, eternal chanting has been written into the Chinese poems.The story of snowflakes has also drifted from ancient times to the present, past the host cities of the previous 23 Winter Olympics, and finally landed in the sky of the National Stadium.The countdown of 2008 Olympic Games is fou Song by 2008 actors.In the thunderous fou, the fou’s white lights shine in turn, combining the countdown numbers.The countdown to the 2022 Winter Olympics shows the breadth and breadth of Chinese culture.With the 24 solar terms, an ancient algorithm about time as a clue, and with the countdown of classical poetry, the national aesthetic is too romantic and artistic conception, which establishes the beautiful Chinese style and Chinese temperament at the very beginning.Experienced “minor Cold” “Major Cold”, finally ushered in the “Start of Spring”.Clusters of green grass in the middle of the site swing in the wind, symbolizing the endless life and hope to break through the cold, bringing us the breath of spring.These seemingly waving “grass” in the wind are actually long rods of nearly 10 meters. In order to show the soft beauty of grass swinging in the wind, the rods are made of fishing rods.In order to master the huge and flexible props, the young actors have to train hard for about seven hours a day.What is particularly shocking is that the Chinese and English “SPRING” and “SPRING” fireworks appeared in the air at the same time.When the “children” blow away dandelions, white seeds fly into the air, the sky appears “dandelion” fireworks, typed Chinese and English “SPRING” and “SPRING.”The Start of spring marks the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, ushering in a new spring for China and friends from all over the world.The entrance of the national flag is an important part of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.Two rows, more than 100 ordinary people, hand to hand, passed the national flag to the hands of the national flag class.Those who carried the national flag included representatives from all walks of life in China, people of national merit and representatives from 56 ethnic groups.They are all ordinary people, hand to hand to express the feelings and relationship between the people and the national flag.This entrance ceremony, it seems that there is no great sense of performance, but it is the most touching, so that every Chinese heart is moved.This belongs to the Chinese people’s implicit introversion and sincere love for the motherland.A drop of ice-blue ink drops from the sky and becomes the water of the Yellow River, pouring down.The beautiful artistic conception of “The water of the Yellow River comes from heaven” arises spontaneously, which is the romantic imagination and praise of the mother River of the Yellow River.The churning waves eventually condensed into a crystal clear ice and snow world, or like the solidification of time.A huge body of water rises from the ice and freezes into ice.The history of the host cities of the past 23 Winter Olympics, with 24 “laser cutters” carved around the stadium, flashback to the final “2022 Beijing, China”.The ice cube is carved with five crystal rings of ice and snow, which means “breaking the ice” and means breaking barriers, resolving conflicts, approaching each other and understanding each other.The five rings of ice and snow are illuminated with glittering white spots, and the Chinese pattern details in the background are full marks.It combines the Olympic spirit, traditional culture and technology with originality and gentleness.14 years ago, the Bird’s Nest, slowly rising “dream five rings” like the vast Milky Way into the world, Beijing’s starry sky finally has the Olympic five rings mark.Today, the “five Rings of ice and Snow” are dazzling and lighting up Beijing’s night sky again in a cool way.The guide card of the entrance delegation uses the shape of luminous snowflake.The design is inspired by the pattern of “Chinese knot”.Chinese knot is an ancient Chinese handicraft. A knot is woven with a thread from beginning to end, which symbolizes unity and auspiciousness.At the feet of the athletes are the Chinese doors and Windows with the effect of ice carving. For this purpose, the creative team also “studied thousands of Chinese doors and Windows and auspicious patterns”, melting the purity and romance of Chinese people into the snow and ice.At the end of the parade, the Chinese team came out in a blaze of red.The flag-bearers of this delegation are gao Tingyu, a famous speed skater, and Zhao Dan, a female skeleton bobsleigh athlete. Coincidentally, both flag-bearers were born in winter.In preparation for the Winter Olympics, the Chinese people have given their own romance to ice and snow. The pandas and red lanterns have been given new names such as “Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Xue Rong Rong”, while “Ruyi”, “Ribbon”, “you Dragon” and “Fei Yan” have all been named for the Venues of the Winter Olympics.Zhangjiakou main competition area of the long S-shaped ski run, aerial photos of it turned out to be a jade ruyi, venue is also named.From the snow trail, you can see the ancient Great Wall winding among the mountains in the distance.The emblem “Winter Dream” was inspired by calligraphy, and the MEDALS were inspired by the ancient concentric jade bi…”Oriental Stories” demonstrates China’s unique style and cultural confidence.And the opening ceremony, and everywhere can feel the romance of Chinese culture: beautiful countdown, ice and snow sculpture of the 24 solar terms “door of China” and “China window”, “spring” of fireworks in both English and Chinese, “heaven sideses water ice rings, Chinese knot style of snowflakes guide card, shoes, evening pacesetter, chinese-english bilingual printed with the words” welcome “masks, and so on.As chief director Zhang Yimou said, “The opening ceremony of The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games is no longer only focused on displaying the traditional culture of 5,000 years ago, but to show the confidence of Chinese culture to the world.”Energy saving, sustainable, environmental protection…The Chinese people, with their own technology, their own scientists, designers and Chinese wisdom, have set an unprecedented standard for the preparation of the Winter Olympics.Just like the 2008 Beijing Olympics, starting from zero, to achieve full score.From now on, we are the best standard.History will mark this and the world will have a brand new understanding of China’s path.The promise of snow and ice is China’s promise.The winter Olympic Games of this ice and snow picture scroll, here launched the myriad Chinese picture.Fourteen years have passed so quickly, so great powers, we are all witnessing history.Build ice and snow dream together, to the future.