The national football team at the beginning of the first world War in Vietnam, Dai Weijun said that he hoped to win the game, to bring happiness to the fans

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China’s promising young star Dai Weijun said in an interview on Jan 29 that he made his debut for the national team in the last game against Japan. “I am very happy to make my debut, which has been my dream since I was a child. I also talked with my family on the phone.It was 2-0 when I came on and I was just concentrating on getting it back and the manager told me to go for it, so I wasn’t too nervous.It has to be said that Dai Has a 100 percent success rate in passing over the past 20 minutes.Yes, as a forward player, the success rate of passing is very important, and against Japan, the no. 1 team in Asia, this statistic is very convincing.In addition, Dai Weijun also talked about the competition against Vietnam on the first day of the Chinese New Year, the climate of Vietnam and Japan is different, how do you feel?Dai weijun said: “As professional players, we have to adapt to any environment and situation, the weather is not an excuse, we have no excuse.” I hope to win the game, I hope to dedicate the joy of victory to the Chinese fans, let them have a happy Spring Festival.Vietnam’s last game was a 4-0 thrashing by Australia. Although they lost by a big score, Vietnam’s overall performance is good.In addition, Vietnamese people also celebrate The Spring Festival, they also want to win and do not want to add to their fans.So this match must be a very intense and wonderful match, looking forward to the National football team double kill Vietnam.