Too few!After losing all three winter Olympics, The Chinese team is now seeking revenge at home

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Beijing, Feb 16 (Xinhua) — The women’s curling round 10 of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games continued on Sunday, with host Team China facing European powerhouse Team Great Britain.This Winter Olympic Games, curling competition has entered the final stage of the competition, the Chinese men’s curling team in this competition day ushered in the closing day, while the Chinese women’s curling team is a day of doubles.Facing the powerful British team, The Chinese women’s team beat their opponents by a big score of 8 to 4.It is worth mentioning that from the Vancouver Winter Olympics to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, The British team has been a formidable obstacle for The Chinese women’s team. This victory at home also successfully achieved revenge on the “Nemesis”.The overall performance of The Chinese curling team at this Winter Olympics was not as good as expected, with only two wins in mixed doubles and the men’s and women’s teams also suffering consecutive losses, leaving many disappointed.The Chinese women’s team has been in decline since the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.Despite the support of veteran Wang Bingyu, the Chinese women’s curling team has never achieved satisfactory results from Sochi to Beijing Winter Olympics.Throughout the world women’s curling arena, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland and other teams continue to be in the top ranks, while the Asian rivals Japan and South Korea are also catching up with The Chinese team.From the previous matches, The Chinese women’s curling team exposed the lack of delicate skills, tactics and execution disorder, mentality habitual collapse and other problems.In the last round, they were outplayed by the Russian Olympic Committee, handing their opponents their first win of the Beijing Winter Games as they suffered a losing streak.China was ranked eighth before the women’s clash with Great Britain, while Switzerland and Sweden advanced with 6-1 and 5-2 records respectively.After losing to the less powerful Russian Olympic Team, liu Yin, former world champion of curling, said in an interview that The Current Chinese team has no advantage in technology and lacks experience in competitions. Once it comes to the critical moment, there will be fluctuations and they cannot seize the chance to win.Although the Chinese women’s curling team has failed to qualify for the semi-finals of the Beijing Winter Olympics, it is still expected to shine in the remaining matches.Against Great Britain, China did not change its lineup with Jiang Xindi at first base, Zhang Lijun at second, Dong Ziqi at third and Wang Rui at fourth.After the start of the game, The Chinese team continued to use the tactics of throwing POTS to contain their opponents, while the British team’s third and fourth bases then used the method of hitting and spinning POTS to enter the camp, and finally managed to score a point.In the second set, China failed to score on the backhand chances and scored a point in the next set.In the fourth set, China’s tactics worked well, putting pressure on their opponents with three POTS in the scoring area, and Britain took advantage of the decision to score a point and take a 2-1 lead in the big score.In the next few games, China and Great Britain battled back and forth, failing to get big points in their own back games.The game ended in a 4-4 tie after the eighth inning.In the crucial ninth inning, China had the back hand advantage, and fourth baseman Wang Rui scored the last three points for China to take a 7-4 lead.In the final set, Britain could not pull off a comeback and China beat their opponents 8-4.(Luo Manager)