What a coincidence!Jinan two colleagues have been stopped by the traffic police: “do not let the leadership know ah”

2022-04-30 0 By

Yesterday was February 15, the Lantern Festival in Ji ‘nan traffic police at the intersection to persuade everyone to ride an electric car to wear helmet also send you to guess riddles helmet “welfare”.15 morning in Jinan by ten shungeng road intersection, two boys riding electric vehicles without helmets have been stopped by traffic police.As it happens!This is where you meet people. The two guys work together.”Don’t let the leader know!” he shouted.Have learned not to wear safety helmet of electric bicycle riding personnel can “2 choose 1” to accept allure a way can send specific content into a good circle of friends set another way to wear volunteer vest to persuade other people both guy decisively chose a circle of friends set praise “often in a helmet, safety, I for not wearing safety helmets are at an intersection traffic police persuasion, hope everyone to take,Please wear a safety helmet when riding an e-bike.”After editing this paragraph and taking a photo with a traffic policeman, the guy sent a wechat post, which got 10 likes in less than 3 minutes.