After “double reduction” : What new measures guarantee learning quality

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The Ministry of Education (MOE) held a press conference on Tuesday to introduce key tasks of basic education in 2022 as the spring semester of 2022 is about to start.On the basis of the existing results, how to further break through the depth of “double reduction” has become a popular focus.Homework has always been the core focus of the topic of burden reduction. In order to consolidate the effect of “double reduction”, the Ministry of Education put forward higher requirements on how to assign homework in 2022.”The level of homework design should be improved.On the basis of total pressure and time control, we pay attention to structural adjustment and quality improvement.Further enhance teachers’ homework design ability level, improve the pertinence and effectiveness of homework.”Lu Yugang, director of the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education, said.In fact, since the implementation of “double reduction”, how to assign homework with high quality and flexibility has already become the focus of school research.Wang Pan, director of Beijing Xicheng District Education Commission, said that since the implementation of the “double reduction”, Xicheng District has carried out a project to improve the quality of operations.Based on the homework completion rate, flexibility and individuality of homework in after-school service period, the “double reduction” has been promoted to develop in depth and achieved good results.”In the next step, we will continue to take units and knowledge fields as the basic units, sort out the knowledge map, and then carry out hierarchical classification design of homework according to the characteristics of disciplines and the actual level of students.”Chu Xinhong, principal of Yueyang Road Primary School in Heping District of Tianjin, said the school has carried out teaching research activities themed with “scientific and effective homework design” and recorded “micro lesson capsules” for students to choose from.The total amount of operating pressure and control time are only surface, how to achieve high quality and effective is the key.Therefore, it is inevitable to improve the after-school service level and create a good atmosphere for family, school and society to cooperate in education.In this sense, operation design can be regarded as the first fulcrum for leveraging the “double reduction” to break through in depth.”Improving after-school services and making breakthroughs in home-school-cooperative education are priorities for 2022,” Lu said.The introduction of third-party tracking evaluation effect quality burden is reduced, but in case students do not learn how to do?This is the majority of parents in the face of “double minus” asked the most words.”In order to have a more objective understanding of the implementation of the ‘double reduction’ policy, the Ministry of Education will also entrust a third party to carry out independent investigations and follow-up evaluations.”Ministry of Education basic education department deputy director Zhu Dongbin said.The introduction of third-party evaluation, while the implementation of basic education digital strategic action, to improve the level of information technology breakthroughs.All these will be key tasks in basic education in 2022. However, the most important task at present is to improve the quality of classroom teaching and the ability of teachers.”Reducing the burden is to treat the symptoms, improve the quality, promote basic education to return to the essence of education, and promote the all-round and healthy development of students.””In terms of ensuring students’ learning results and quality, the priority should be on improving classroom teaching,” Zhu said.Teachers are required to accurately analyze the teaching situation and learning situation, analyze each student’s learning situation one by one through the students’ classroom performance, daily homework, final exams, academic quality monitoring and other ways, and do a targeted job of counseling and answering questions and expanding and improving work.Secondly, the professional ability of teachers should be improved.To improve the ‘six abilities’ of teachers, including moral education ability, classroom teaching ability, homework and test proposition design ability, experimental operation ability, after-school service ability and family education guidance ability.”The ministry also asked schools to monitor their teaching quality and incorporate the “double reduction” measures into the school quality evaluation system.”This year, the Ministry of Education will hold a special meeting to promote the proposition work of the high school entrance examination, to further improve the quality of the test for key deployment.We will promote the implementation of the guidelines for evaluating the quality of education in kindergartens, compulsory education and regular senior high schools, and give full play to the guiding role of quality evaluation.Last year, we spent a lot of effort on the whole basic education quality evaluation work, we should give full play to the guiding role of the three guidelines, to build a scientific evaluation system to promote quality-oriented education.”Lv yugang said.”The school will hold a special parents’ meeting after the opening of the school to fully introduce the effect and situation of the school’s implementation of the ‘double reduction’ work last autumn semester, especially the situation of education and teaching quality assurance.”Lv yugang said.Since the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, the number of mentions of home-school communication has increased significantly.For a long time before that, most communication between home and school was “parents reflect the situation, teachers assign tasks”, lack of in-depth discussion and design of joint education.There is also a lack of home-school co-education, homework design, after-school service management and other courses in higher normal education.Faced with “double reduction”, some parents do not understand, dare not reduce, or do not want to reduce.I don’t understand that “double subtract” is for the better growth of children, and I don’t know what role I should take in “double subtract”.Therefore, “actively developing home-school communication” has become another key point of “double reduction” to further breakthrough.In fact, “double minus” effect is better school, home school communication is relatively in-depth.Tianjin Yueyang Dao Primary School integrates scientific extension, comprehensive practice, moral education, and “Loving Company” parent courses, breaking the barriers between class and off, in and out of school, and closely combining learning with practice, experience and exploration. The after-school service participation rate of students in the school reaches 100%, and the satisfaction rate of parents exceeds 99%.Last semester, Xicheng District of Beijing made an in-depth interpretation of the “double reduction” policy through the online classes of the district parent school, including “Analysis of the National and Beijing ‘Double reduction’ Policy” and “Family, school and Community cooperation to be a watchman for life”.Schools in the district held a series of activities such as parents’ meetings and parents’ salons with the theme of standardizing school-running behaviors and reducing students’ burden, including “parents’ classes” and “volunteers”, to enhance parents’ understanding and support for the work of “double reduction”, which ultimately strongly promoted the “double reduction”.”After the fall semester of 2021, the concept of education has changed positively.The majority of parents gradually set up the “health first” parenting concept, more concerned about children’s physical and mental health growth.We should actively listen to parents to further do a good job in this semester ‘double reduction’ suggestions, effectively enhance the synergy of home-school work, further enhance the ‘double reduction’ work confidence.”(Reporter Yulan Li)