Egg how beauty care?What eggs do to your skin.

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Many women know the function of egg skin care and beauty, but do not know how to use.Today we are going to talk about the role of eggs in beauty and skin care and what to pay attention to. In the past, I never recommend DIY skin care products, because of the problem of bacterial pollution. After all, the processing of skin care products manufacturers has strict requirements on the environment, temperature, humidity and so on.Talk about the method that a few daily we use egg hairdressing to protect skin first: one, the method that uses egg make it face film: 1, face film of honey yolk joins honey and flour to attune thick pulp with egg, even besmear apply face, not only can treat acne, and can prevent qiu dong skin is dry.If the skin is oily, should add a spoonful of lemon juice mix well, with cotton swab on the face, 15-20 minutes after washing with warm water.2, Egg white pearl powder Mask Mix egg white and pearl powder, and mix well.Apply evenly with a mask brush and wait 15-20 minutes to wash off.3, egg yolk mask with milk mixed with egg white, or mixed with egg yolk, smear for 15 minutes, the maintenance effect of neutral skin is especially good.Just do it for three months and you’ll have a new look.4, eggshell soft film mask method can stick the soft film in the eggshell on the face folds, cheeks, chin and other parts, after it becomes dry, then remove, wipe the dead skin on the oily skin with a soft sponge;For dry skin, rub with moisturizer first and then rinse.First mix together a fresh egg and a tablespoon of honey.Before going to bed, apply a clean soft brush to your face to stimulate skin cells and improve blood circulation through massage.Dry and rinse with water twice a week.Two, egg massage skin care method to wash the face with warm water, dry, and then the boiled eggs peel the shell, with warm eggs on the face for massage.Start on your forehead and roll along the muscles until you reach the edge of your hair. Your eyes and mouth are annular muscles, so do a circular motion.The nose is rolled diagonally up from the root of the nose, and the cheeks are rolled diagonally up from the inside out until the eggs are cold.Finally, after massaging, the towel that should soak with cold water applies face, can have the effect of constrictive facial ministry pore.Apply with hot egg and cold towel on the face, make skin rich flexibility and burnish.Eggs are soft, elastic and a great skin massager.Three, egg other usage: lemon, eggnog facial mask lemon juice, add an egg, skim milk powder 1/4 cup, a spoonful of wine, stir well.Apply, about 15 minutes, and rinse with warm water.Keeps skin clean and moist, suitable for any skin.Because of alcohol, the skin will be a little dry after use, to moisturize skin care products.Vinegar egg liquid Take a fresh egg, wash and wipe dry, add 500 ml of high quality vinegar to soak for a month.Once the eggshells have dissolved in the vinegar, mix a tablespoon of the solution with a cup of boiling water and take one cup a day.Take vinegar egg liquid for a long time, can make the skin smooth and delicate, remove all black spots on the face.In fact, there are a lot of methods, here is not more than the narrative, the following to tell you about egg beauty should pay attention to things.1, some women may often use egg whites to apply to their face, and generally apply for 3 to 5 minutes. In fact, egg whites do not need too long to apply to their face, because if the time is too long, egg whites will absorb a lot of moisture on their face.2, if the egg white mask is applied in dry weather, the skin will have a tight feeling, so the time of applying the face is not very long, 1 minute can.It is important to clean the egg whites before they are completely dry. This will not only retain moisture but also tighten the skin, which is very beneficial for skin care.3, for some thin or imperfect horniness, like acetic acid, lemon these masks do not use, the number of times or frequency of use must be mastered, before and after use should pay attention to sterilization and cleaning, including follow-up skin care problems.While I don’t recommend using egg facials, to satisfy your curiosity, try them.Summary: everybody can try different protect skin method, not enough, but to these hairdressing method, must master clear, avoid the happening of other problem.I am peng elder brother, efforts to share skin care knowledge, achievement of every woman who love beauty.