Europe’s two main indexes were both down more than 3 percent during the session

2022-05-01 0 By

Xinhua News Agency London, February 14 (reporter Huang Zemin)Affected by the international situation, major European stock markets fell sharply on the 14th, including France’s Paris stock market CAC40 index and Germany’s Frankfurt stock DAX index intraday drop of more than 3%.In London, the FTSE 100 stock Index fell more than 2 percent.Market analysts blamed the sell-off on ongoing tensions between Ukraine and Russia, with both sides deploying large numbers of military personnel and equipment along their border.Ukraine is a key transit hub for Russian oil and gas, said Fiona Chinkota, market analyst at UK city Index.Russia’s repeated denials of any intention to “invade” Ukraine have failed to calm market sentiment, and investors will continue to monitor developments.Richard Hunt, head of markets at Interactive Investments in the UK, said the economic impact of continuing tensions between Russia and Ukraine would be felt most strongly in Europe, which could lead to supply chain constraints and further oil price increases.The United States, Ukraine and NATO have recently claimed that Russia is massing troops close to Ukraine’s eastern border and threatening to invade.Russia denies this, saying NATO activities threaten its borders and that it has the right to deploy troops to defend its territory.