Jia coach will save women’s football!A pass a shot even pull 2 balls!China beat South Korea to win the Asian Cup again

2022-05-01 0 By

Chinese women’s football team beat South Korea 3-2 in the final of the Asian Women’s Cup on February 6th at 19:00.The Chinese women’s football team started the game in a good situation, Tang Jiali and Wang Shuang have chances, but unfortunately failed to grasp the results of the 27th minute, Li Jinwen cross middle road, 11 Cui Youli pushed the goal, China team 0 to 1 down.It was a pity. The women’s defense had a huge hole.The goal boosted the morale of the Korean women’s soccer team, which failed to find a chance to score and was passive in defense after 40 minutes due to physical problems.At the end of the half, Korea’s No. 13 Lee Jin-min stole the ball and passed it to Yao Lingwei.The referee then watched the VAR award of a penalty kick, and Chi Xiaoran scored from the penalty kick to put China 2-0 behind South Korea in the first half.Back in the second half, The Chinese team adjusted two men to the right side, but the effect was not good, and the Korean team dominated the situation in terms of body and physical strength.About 15 minutes in the second half, Wang Shuang was also replaced. Under the tight defense, Wang Shuang was really difficult to play, and the substitution was also a good way. As a result, in the 66th minute, South Korea was also awarded a penalty for handball in the penalty area.The Korean defense finally made a mistake and China got a penalty kick!!Zhang Linyan cut inside with the ball!Kick volley li Yongzhou with his hand to block the ball out!Tang Beauty penalty is also hit the left side of the goal to pull back a city!!The Chinese women’s soccer team scored a penalty kick!1-2, women’s soccer pull back a ball, complete opportunity ah, dare to replace wang Shuang, or have some effect.China 72 minutes again set off the attack climax, scored a beautiful goal, is really too beautiful, Tang Jiali right cross, zhang Linyan broke the goal, facing 0-2 down, the second goal is too beautiful, Tang Jiali front right people ball points!!A second!Zhang Linyan inside the penalty area with a header !!!!Level 2-2!Zhang Linyan has just been replaced, fierce!The Chinese women’s football team equalized 2-2 within 4 minutes of the second half. Tang jiajia saved the Chinese women’s football team by scoring in the 4 minutes after Jia abandoned the team.There was no goal for either side, but at the end of the game, Xiao Yu-yi scored!!Chinese team kill!South Korea!The women’s soccer team beat South Korea!Xiao Yuyi broke the door alone!!Chinese team kill!3-2!Korean coach sitting on the bench!Win!