The Way out, where is it

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The documentary, which follows the lives of three children from different backgrounds, Ma Baijuan, Xu Jia and Yuan Hanhan, is more like a Chinese version of Seven Years in My Life.It has to make us reflect, how much does the environment affect a person?When learning and teaching the original, the book says: environment is the external condition of human development, subjective initiative is the decisive factor of human development.After watching this documentary, I have to think about this sentence.Ma baijuan was born in a poor village in Gansu province, where her family lived on 50 yuan a year.At the age of 15, I was in the second grade of primary school. Besides going to school, I had to help my family do farm work and do some chores.I think most of us who have received college education believe that reading can change our destiny. But his grandfather said: Girls always want to get married. They are all from other people’s families.Some time ago, I read an article “The new era ‘reading useless theory’ reinterpretation and decoding logic, which mentioned that reading useless is based on knowledge useless and knowledge hopeless and the superposition of the two.The feudal idea that girls didn’t have to read was a huge drag on class mobility.In contrast, Principal Zhang Guimei’s thinking is much more advanced, opened a girls’ high school, let more children out of the mountains.But we also can’t criticize the grandpa too much, because this is his ancestors deep-rooted things, we are difficult to change.So how do we get more people into schools?I think it’s about development, especially feeding people.I want to earn 1000 yuan a month to buy noodles, because my family noodles are not enough to eat, I have to build a house, dig water cellar, because we have no water to eat.This documentary wasn’t made in the last century. It was only a dozen years ago.Yeah, for a family that spends 50 yuan a year, earning 1000 yuan a month is already a dream.We have to get these kids fed before we can talk about education and higher education.Ma baijuan’s experience is an example for China as it struggles to overcome poverty.But Xu jia is a true portrayal of most ordinary people.He failed in the college entrance examination. No matter to fulfill his father’s will or his own reluctance, he persisted in taking the second exam and finally was admitted to Hubei University of Technology after repeated three times.His mother said, “For example, if you go to work in a factory, you will get a primary school diploma and a high school diploma. They will certainly want a high school diploma, so we will gamble for another year.”Later, he got married and started a business, and found a job that paid 3,000 yuan a month (10 years ago).He knew that his family could not support him to further his studies, so it was a good, or forced, choice for him to take a job to relieve his family’s burden.But compared to his parents, he has actually succeeded.The last one was born with a golden key in his mouth. He lived in a hutong with a courtyard on Beijing’s Second ring Road.Attended the best primary, middle and high schools in Beijing.But she dropped out of high school. She knows what she wants.Then she opened a coffee shop and tried other things, went to Dusseldorf University in Germany, and came back to start a company.Her parents were also open-minded and supported her own choices, when she also had the capital and courage to fail.It is hard to say how much a person’s environment influences him or her, because even in the same economic situation, different parents have different ideas, some are liberal, some are conservative.However, there is no doubt that some of what the family gives you are hard to change. For example, the first girl Ma Baijuan, when she was a child, the parents’ decision was hard for her to change.Another example is xu Jia, the second child. Without his mother’s support, how could he study for another three years to change his fate?Another example is the third girl, without rich family conditions as capital, what is her life trajectory?But there are no ifs in life, and the impact of this environment on people I think in some cases is very big.The answer to whether reading is useful or useless is yes, but how can people, especially those who have not enjoyed the dividend of education themselves, believe that only by making the people rich can this be achieved.