The bridge beside suzhou River was once called Tianfei Palace Bridge

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We leaned over the railings of the bridge and watched the boats going by on suzhou River.Suddenly, a friend pointed to the magnificent tiled roof of the Heavenly Queen Palace under the bridge and said, “Let’s go there and play.”Xiao Mingliang Henan Road Bridge is several roads apart from my house tiantong Road, it is located in the most eastern part of tiantong Road market.This bridge has a long history. The bridge site was originally set for the 23rd year of The Qing Dynasty daoguang (1843) ferry, named Sanfedu.In 1875, the Ministry of Industry built a simple beam wooden bridge, named the Three Ferry Bridge.At the northwest end of the Bridge in the tenth year of Guangxu reign (1884), a Grand Palace was built. So the Three Ferule-crossing Bridge was called The Grand Palace Bridge.Henan road and bridge side rich historical buildings tianfei is Mazu.There were descendants of Matsu culture in Shanghai as early as before the Southern Song Dynasty, and there were many Tianhou Palaces in history, among which the most famous one was shunji Temple, commonly known as Danfeng Lou, located outside the Small east gate. The temple was built in the 7th year of Xianchun in the Southern Song Dynasty (1271) and completed in the 19th year of yuan Dynasty (1290), and later destroyed by war.In the 32nd year of the Reign of Emperor Jiajing of Ming Dynasty (1553), the city wall of Shanghai was built, and shunji Temple was rebuilt on its original site.During the Reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, Mazu was named the Queen of Heaven and shunji Temple was called the Queen of Heaven.After the Blade Uprising, most of the buildings were destroyed and then destroyed by war, making reconstruction impossible.In the fifth year of The Reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty (1879), Chonghou, a minister on a diplomatic mission, asked the Qing government to urge local officials to build the Tianhou Palace in Shanghai port, which was approved.After years of site selection and planning funds, until guangxu nine years of the Qing Dynasty (1883), decided to build the Temple of the Queen in the northern side of the three ferry bridge, the next year leap may (June 1884), the last construction of the Temple of the Queen of Shanghai just began to complete, Shanghai has become the history of the largest, the most complete, the highest specifications of the Palace of the Queen of heaven, commonly known as the Palace of the Princess of Heaven.Tianhou Palace The Newly built Tianhou Palace is a typical Qing Dynasty building in downtown Shanghai.It covers an area of nearly 5 acres and is laid out symmetrically from south to north.Enter the square, in turn are the first door to the floor, stage, things to see the floor, bell and drum pavilion, the Queen of heaven hall, bedroom floor.The head door of the blue brick pile, the brick carving of landscape pattern and the brick carving of imitation dougong are exquisite and exquisite;Xishan eaves stage, decorated with gold double brackets and dome-like flat dragon play pearl caisson exquisite and elegant;Wing Angle Hui Fei’s Tianhou hall, thick pillars, carved liang Huadong, rigid and soft, imposing momentum, hanging sheng Xuanhuai long lianhe hall, beside the inscriptions.The stage is far away from the main hall, embracing a delicate courtyard.When it was completed, emperor Guangxu granted the plaque “Wan Liu Yang Jing”, which not only attracted countless believers to worship, but also attracted many citizens and tourists to come for sightseeing.Since then, this grand Temple has become the only large-scale and formal place in Shanghai to worship the queen of Heaven. On the lunar calendar and the birthday of the queen of Heaven, merchants and boat people would go to the temple to pray for protection of the sea.There is a legend that the queen of heaven should protect the sea, so the merchants and boat people came to pray for many, because of the blessing caoyun, The Queen of Heaven palace has been awarded by the court for many times and plaque, incense is extremely prosperous.Mazu’s birthday on March 23 in the lunar calendar once became the custom of Shanghai people. On this day, the Temple of the Heavenly Queen is decorated with lanterns and people flock to the Temple to worship.In the late Qing Dynasty, many zhuzhi poems recorded the grand scene of Tianhou Palace by the side of Henan Road and bridge and the words and phrases describing the grand occasion of the folk activities of tianfei temple fair.For example, li Songlin, a Native of Shanghai in the late Qing Dynasty, wrote in his poem hudu Zhuzhi: “The city was filled with drums and xiao, and the sea was hustling to honor the queen of heaven.Before the day beach know the waves quiet, drunk song has nearly dusk.”There is also “Hujiang Commercial City Scenery Zhuzhi Ci” written by the owner of Yu Yao Yi ‘an who lives in Shanghai: “The Queen of Heaven has a palace, and He Zhuo’s voice and spirit are all the same.Protect the country and protect the people more by virtue, the merchants acting thank god palace.”We can see the heyday of the Temple.In 1927, sanfeidu Bridge was transformed into a european-style three-hole reinforced concrete cantilever bridge, and officially named Henan Road Bridge, but the people living nearby are still used to calling it Tianfei Palace Bridge.In the late Qing Dynasty, part of the Temple was destroyed by wars, and later it was occupied by various local institutions, schools and groups. When the war came, it became a refugee shelter.Buildings were severely damaged, the former splendor of the Temple finally “helpless flowers fell.”In 1883, I had my first encounter with Henan Road and Bridge, and almost got lost there.It was because I went to play in the Palace of heavenly Concubine at the end of the bridge.I was five years old.I grew up to play big, the scenery in front of the house to see tired, want to go a little further.A beautiful spring afternoon, I secretly followed a few small friends in the alley to the henan Road and bridge has never been to.We seemed to be walking for a long time, very excited, a bit of adventure along the way.First we walked up and down the Henan road bridge. Then we leaned over the railings and watched the boats coming and going on the Suzhou River.Suddenly, a friend pointed to the magnificent tiled roof of the Heavenly Queen Palace under the bridge and said, “Let’s go there and play.”So we quickly got down the Henan Road and bridge, and rushed down the steps leading to the Temple of the Heavenly Queen from the Henan North Road, into the ruins of the Temple.At that time, the first half of the Temple has become residential, but the entrance wall is still there, the prominent building in the middle of the front yard is the original ancient stage, although it has been separated for residential, stage eaves gray tile roof, gilt double brackets under the eaves and gilded flower patterns are clearly visible.The latter half includes the main hall, which is the school building of Henan North Road. The main hall is the auditorium, and the hau Hau bedroom behind the main hall is the classroom and the teacher’s office.It was a strange world to us that we had never seen before.We kids in the hall in and out of play hide and seek, jumping up and down on the ancient stage, singing loudly, Shouting loudly, enjoy the release of childhood happiness.Crazy play time passed quickly, imperceptibly dusk, a little dark day down.We hurried out of the palace, but dizzy incredibly can not find the way home.I began to feel afraid, and when my uncle’s tall figure appeared before me, I threw myself into his arms and felt safe for a moment.My uncle hugged me and said to my friends, “Don’t hurry to go home, the adults in the family are anxious.”I came home with my uncle covered in dust. My mother saw me and pointed to the wall with a tiger’s face. I knew my mother was going to punish me for “standing on the wall”.It’s a show from when I was a kid and I did something wrong.People say that a loving mother and a strict father, father is not around, mother is both a loving mother and a strict father, she never indulged me.My “corner” wall is used by my mother to mount paintings, there are scraps of paper on it.It was really boring to stand facing the wall. I would just stand there and tear off pieces of paper. While pulling the paper, I would recall the fragments of playing by the bank of henan Bridge.After about half an hour, they were allowed down to supper.In 1978, due to the construction of Shanxi Middle school, the Palace of Heavenly Concubine was moved to Songjiang Square Tower Park, and a pair of stone lions at the gate was moved to the gate of Yu Garden.In 2006, due to the reconstruction of Henan Road and the construction of rail Line 10, the Temple was demolished, and the remaining stage, West Watchtower and southern clear brick door wall were numbered and preserved by the district cultural relics protection department.At present, more than 1,000 wooden structures and 1,600 brick and stone structures are being repaired one by one by relevant institutions to carry out the restoration of the Temple.The imperial Palace bridge and this name has disappeared in the years.The restoration of the Tianhou Palace effect map author and painter introduced Cherish Treasure Zhen, real name Zhu Xizhen.Shanghai writer.He is the author of many urban cultural monographs, such as “Sea Scholar — A Rush rain Ren Life”, “Never Drifting Style”, “Afternoon tea in garden House”, “Other love in the Depths of wutong”, “Approaching Grassroots artists”, “Looking for Shanghai in Shanghai” and so on.Published in 2016, The Shanghai Road that Never Widens (all three volumes) has been reprinted many times, and its e-book has been introduced by Stanford University Library and Emory University Library in the United States.In 2018, she wrote and published the novel House Facing the Mediterranean with her friends.In 2020, he was named one of the top ten public cultural tourism figures in Jing ‘an District.In 2021, he will publish a collection of essays entitled Shanghai: Spiritual Walk (two volumes), describing the past and present life of the city from the perspective of a writer, and using words to depict a vivid picture of the city.Editor’s note: This column comes from the supplement of Jing ‘an Daily “Bailemen” which was first published on February 8, 1994.On the wechat platform, “Bellmen” will be displayed to readers in a new form.Weekly regular push, another Angle to read Jing ‘an.Contributions can be sent to by Xizhen Photo: Xiao Mingliang/Fu Kaihui Editor: Shi Dani Editor: Wang Fei Column editor: Shi Dani Part of the picture source file Spring And Autumn, Years Jing ‘an, Picture bug creative reprint please indicate from Shanghai Jing ‘an official wechat ↓ You may want to see ↓.Is food safer without additives?Most people don’t know the truth…▶ The swallow flies up the wall!▶ 83-meter long scroll of Traditional Chinese art, 7 boutique demonstration roads, the first “Aviation Science and Technology Comprehensive Innovation Center”…Take you to see jing ‘an everywhere wonderful!‖ Jing ‘an week “Shanghai Jing ‘an” wechat “Shanghai Jing ‘an” APP