The research project led by DALIAN University of Technology was selected as one of the top ten Marine science and technology progress in China in 2021

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China’s top 10 ocean science and technology developments in 2021 were selected by the Ocean Society of China, China Pacific Society, China Society of Oceanology and Limnology, China Society of Navigation and China Society of Command and Control.Led by Professor Zou Li from the Department of Transport Engineering and Mechanics, Dalian University of Technology, the project “The successful sea trial of China’s first deep-sea mineral mixed transportation intelligent equipment system” changyuan “was selected.Dalian university of technology professor Zou Li led research and development of the national key program “deep-sea mineral on research and development of intelligent equipment system” project, the joint of changsha institute of mining and metallurgy co., LTD., China shipping group, the 702th research institute, China ocean university, Shanghai jiaotong university and other 10 units together develop complete domestic advantage, is China’s first set of deep-sea mineral intelligent blended transportation system.The project focuses on solving the most critical transport link of deep-sea mineral mining, that is, how to transport the mined seabed minerals intelligently and efficiently from the seabed to the surface.Project in the further study of blended transportation system based on internal and external flow mechanism, put forward with intelligent control, health monitoring, set of efficient function of the level of 3000 meters on the system overall scheme, and no continuous submarine mineral aggregate supply experimental requirements, creative design with a u-shaped pipe system, level 500 m sea test system is developed.In August 2021, the project team carried on the research ship “Changhe Haiyang” (VOYAGE GHF2021-0801) and successfully carried out the sea test in the northern Part of the South China Sea.The successful sea trial is a solid step for China to take the lead in realizing commercial exploitation of deep-sea minerals in the world.”Long-term” with completely independent intellectual property rights, its sea trials successfully created the deep-sea mineral on intelligent system in our country sea test maximum lowering depth and the record of the longest continuous and stable operation time, brought the deep-sea mineral on intelligent equipment technology breakthrough, is an important milestone in the history of the development of deep-sea mining technology in China.(Editing by Yu Shuwen)