Guangzhou CDC: People with yellow code must complete nucleic acid tests three times in seven days

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On February 15, the Information Office of Guangzhou Municipal Government held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control.Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention, disclosed the situation and characteristics of the case flow.It is reported that the listed CDC immediately launched the emergency response procedure after receiving the nucleic acid positive report of the case early this morning. Seventeen teams and about 200 dispatching team members were sent to the scene to carry out the emergency control work.Zhang zhoubin said that the current investigation and test results showed that the two cases showed three characteristics: high viral load in vivo, a positive environment, indicating that there was a high possibility of transmission during the detoxification period, and a wide range of activities in Guangzhou with many potential contacts.Zhang said the low CT values of nucleic acid tests in the cases suggest they were recently infected and had a high viral load.At the same time, the CDC tested positive for the environment in the hotel room where the patients lived and the Japanese food store where they ate, indicating that they were in a detoxification phase and there was a high possibility of transmission.The third key point is that although the two cases came to Guangzhou for a short time, they had a wide range of activities, involving 14 key places in Tianhe, Panyu, Nansha and Huadu districts of Guangzhou within one day, including large shopping malls, tourist attractions, restaurants and hotels, with a large number of potential contacts.In view of the above situation, guangzhou CDC immediately took temporary prevention and control measures in key places, and classified the relevant personnel according to the risk level and epidemic prevention management.First, the CDC assigned red codes to the close contacts screened at 14 key sites and adopted centralized isolation management measures.Secondly, for the personnel in the same period of time in the key places, that is, the key population is usually said to take the measures of yellow code or SMS reminder.”Whether to yellow code or send SMS, we will classify risks based on on-site streaming and viewing videos.At the same time, we require these people to carry out nucleic acid tests three times every seven days, and home health monitoring.After home health monitoring, seven days of self-monitoring should be completed.”Zhang zhoubin said.At the same time, The Guangzhou CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention and I Public Account issued an emergency notice, requiring people who had visited 14 key places during the risk period to report to the community immediately and cooperate with the corresponding health management and nucleic acid testing measures.”Next, we will classify and push dynamic information to all risk groups according to the progress of flow and investigation, and implement corresponding management.Hierarchical management is aimed at stopping the spread of the virus to the community through a combination of rapid containment and targeted prevention and control.The first 24 hours after an outbreak is detected are critical.The 24-hour screening of people, site control and nucleic acid screening is crucial to the control of the epidemic.”He stressed.Zhang zhoubin urged citizens to check the public accounts of Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, Guangzhou CDC and other media platforms, and pay more attention to their health codes and text messages.If the color of the health code changes from green to yellow or red, or if you receive the prevention and control text message, or if you find that your trip coincides with the official case track according to the announcement, please take the initiative to report and cooperate with the implementation of corresponding health management measures.For those who have not received the text message or have not changed their health code, he also advised them to avoid going to places with large crowds or confined Spaces and reduce gatherings.At the same time, the management of all kinds of public places such as shopping malls, hospitals, hotels and transportation stations are also requested to continue to take daily prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement, code scanning and code lighting, and urge people to wear masks and other personal protection.Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City Reporter: Fang Qing Photo/Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City reporter: Wang Yan Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City editor: Peng Wenqiang