I, a programmer from Huawei, resigned and joined the power grid company, revealing my experience and retirement income

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Nowadays, many college students will face various pressures after graduation, and they will find themselves in a lower and lower position in some private enterprises, and finally can only face the reality of being eliminated and dismissed. Therefore, most practitioners begin to flee from their work units, and do not want to continue to be squeezed by leaders in private enterprises.Besides, there are many young people always feel in the first-tier cities will face greater pressure to survive, for most of the practitioners, the work is still the main means and ways of earning a living, you in choosing a job on the platform of choice company, began to tend to enter the state, it is also illustrates the state-owned enterprises has the advantage of struggle.Undergraduates small army had worked in huawei for nearly five years, but eventually resigned, he concluded, when revealed that resignation reason actually long the working process of the state-owned enterprises, to work strictly clock in, want to deduct money late, salary is lower, and nearly half of the gap between the advantage of large companies, only temporarily no 35 industry crisis,And there is no sincere intrigue, the actual working hours of nine to seven, the core workload is not very large.Small army are explained, he thinks that there are a lot of colleagues, arrived at the age of 35 was facing a midlife crisis, because some Internet companies, including some big companies will have a knockout, may everyone work in first-tier cities a few years can get a good income, there are some deposits, does not use again for future survival and concerns,But there are some loan to buy a house need to practitioners, can only be in the first-tier cities frequently change jobs, so that choose to work in state-owned enterprises, small army to move into the national grid, can help you gain stable income, but also satisfied after retirement wage, small army saw many colleagues can get 7000 or even 8000 after retirement pension,In fact, people still value life very much, and do not want to contribute silently, so that they and their colleagues encounter many conflicts, and can not obtain a higher income.Small army believes that the world xi all for profit, the bustling all for, for many practitioners, and even in some private or Internet companies stick to, it is better to choose a few state-owned unit work, after all, these state-owned enterprises and the pressure of survival will not have too much profit, no matter how objective environment change, income remains near the top, so if you can work in state-owned enterprises,People can get a good job and a good salary, in fact, these practitioners are also a smart choice.The author thinks that, there are many practitioners in Internet companies or in some larger companies, still stick to don’t want to leave, is also considering oneself in the first-tier cities of mortgage and all aspects of the survival pressure, everyone in their ability to have very clear understanding, had already adapted to the social work environment and working rhythm of a major corporation,If you walk away now, you might make the wrong choice.Conclusion: What do you think about this?Write in the comments and talk together.Every day, we share workplace experience, workplace stories and industry cases, and record 360 real stories of people in different industries and occupations