【 Police Story 】 Li-an old hero and costrum

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In Qingxu county public security Bureau, there is a “young” old comrade, known as “old Yin”, Qingxu County public security Bureau political work room a police chief Yin Yului.Say he is young, because he is good at study, advance with The Times, network, finance, fraud crime, criminal cases, he always can talk with ease;He is young because he is young at heart and has the same work spirit as young people.He was old because he was 59, with gray temples and eyes deeply marked with age.Say he is old, because his tall and straight back imperceptibly have radian;Say he is old, because he has been in the public security front struggle nearly 40 years, obtained numerous fruits, is a veteran party member.Old Yin will soon take off his beloved uniform and retire from his post, but he still keeps in mind his motto: “an old hero and a new ambition”.It was said that public security work was hard and tiring. When it was time to leave, Old Yin could not give it up. He always wanted to make the most of his time to do something more and to leave something for his successors.In March, the epidemic situation was severe, and the bureau set up quarantine cards, quarantined hotels, airport transport security…Working strength, in a serious shortage of manpower, old Yin forgot his own age, always charge first, where there is need to have him, see his dedication and hard work to rush about in the front line, epidemic prevention you very love dearly, advised him to take a rest, he back to lang lang smile: “don’t worry, I can, I public security people afraid tired!”On March 12, old Yin, who had not rested for half a month, resolutely went to the security service point of entry transfer at Taiyuan Wusu International Airport.Once a cop, a lifetime of devotion.Li-an old hero, costraint, elegant demeanor still.Based on his love and loyalty to the public security cause, Lao Yin, as always, stuck to his post, scrupulously and conscientiously, and wrote the oath of loyalty with his actions.The eventful years bear in mind the striving footprints of many old comrades like Yin Yului, and the glorious course bears the immortal spirit of generations of police officers.Heroes come and go, legends never end.I wish the heroes of the people peace, health and happiness!