The woman that has law grain, eye grain, the mistake that most people make protect skin, go up in these 3 details

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“Whenever I saw the law lines, eye lines, I was really sad, especially the law lines, look particularly old, but also fierce, I once learned from my colleagues, many colleagues think that a look at my appearance gives people a sense of difficult to get along with, think I look difficult to communicate.I’m really wrong. I’m really upset about two rules.From then on, I swore to myself that I must find a way to solve this ugly law pattern.”When I see this paragraph, I believe many people feel empathy, the appearance of lines, but also represents the aging of our skin, at this age, we have to take care of the family, but also to struggle for a career, many times seem powerless, very anxious to have 48 hours a day.What makes it even more difficult to accept is that the law lines and eye lines are still hanging on the face without moving a bit.Why is it so hard to get rid of? Is there anything you can do about it?There are wrinkles and fine lines of woman, in addition to want to use for light lines to protect skin to taste, also pay attention to the three details all the wrinkles, eye lines are all belong to the expression lines, the two lines is the most likely to appear, because our mouth and eyes, the two parts often make action, internal elastic fiber has the effect of damage to skin.So we need to pay special attention to a point is that do not often do large movements, such as often laugh, of course, some facial movements are unavoidable, just try to reduce the amplitude and frequency of action.Another characteristic of sleeping on your side for a long time is to check your sleeping position if you notice that your decree lines or eye lines are particularly bad.Sleeping on the side because of squeezing the face skin, easy to cause skin sagging, law lines, deep eye lines.Thus, sleeping position can be adjusted appropriately.Prevent wrinkles from deepening.Secondly, massage techniques, many people because of daily skin care, improper massage techniques, resulting in more and more facial wrinkles, massage techniques are also very particular about, the frequency and strength of massage to a moderate grasp, must be in the professional staff under the guidance of massage, otherwise, there will only be a reaction.At the same time, a grain is ten years old, law lines, eye lines must be timely attention, according to their own skin conditions, choose the appropriate light line products (such as Estee Lauder, Youhengmei, Lancome and other anti-aging series), with the correct daily life skin care habits.Your skin will get better and better!