Who do you think is the most handsome?

2022-05-02 0 By

Hello, everyone! I am Cancan sauce. Happy New Year to you all!Welcome to read this information to the year of the tiger is coming, since the New Year’s eve, king glory just launched several activities, the year of the tiger limit skin but also caused a heated discussion, KPL professional players are also not idle, it’s not just bask in the Chinese dream festival of the year still, we take a look at, one of the most handsome ~ still professional player respectively is:Cat, Promise, Sea of flowers, fearless, Fly, can be said to be the top current of KPL.In the solo shot, Cat is seen smiling broadly, showing two rows of teeth.Can can sauce suddenly discovered that cat or crescent smile!Yi Nuo in the photo with a silent color, not a hint of the past childlike, add a lot of mature taste flower sea is also black and white stills, very artistic black and white gray, jaw line is also more handsome.Fly, on the other hand, has three points and plenty of white space.Fortunately, the nose of Fly is relatively straight, so the profile of Fly has a silhouette, but to be fair, this photo is not as good as the usual sports photos.Next, is the most handsome fearless in can can Jiang’s heart.Once said, fearless this face line ah, there is a camera really on the camera ah, as long as he does not speak, that is the appearance level.Who do you think is the most handsome among the five contestants?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area oh ~ finally don’t forget to click a small attention three even yo!