Who is the Philippines targeting with its $375 million purchase of cruise missiles?

2022-05-02 0 By

A new arms deal has just been revealed, with the Philippines signing a $375 million arms purchase contract with Brahmos Aerospace.Brahmos Aerospace is a joint venture between India and Russia, in which India holds 50.5 percent of the shares and Russia 49.5 percent.It is a modern military enterprise dominated by India.Its main (and only) product is the Brahmos missile, which got a lot of buzz a few years ago.Brahmos missile is also the result of Russian technology export to India, this missile uses a lot of Russian technology.The missile has a secondary structure, first using solid fuel rocket engines to accelerate the missile to the speed of sound, and then using ramjet engines in the head to provide the thrust the missile needs.Top speed can reach three times the speed of sound.Due to the use of Russian guidance technology, the Brahmos missile is highly accurate and performs quite well in reflector target tests.The brahmos’ only drawback so far is range, with a maximum range of only 290 km.Because of its short legs, India is the only other country in the world equipped with such a system.The Brahmos purchased by the Philippines can be equipped with two shore-based missile battalions.Used to attack ships from the coast.To exert power within the so-called 200-kilometer exclusive economic zone.Then again, shore-based anti-ship missiles are an anachronism.Although China, the United States, Russia, France, Japan, Italy, Turkey, and other countries also have the corresponding naval coastal forces to retain the shore-launched anti-ship missile system, but this is a systematic project, your shore-launched position needs good military support.Obviously, it is difficult for the Philippines to have such safeguards facilities and capabilities.Therefore, brahmos, a shore-based missile with a relatively high degree of integration and low peripheral system requirements, had to be adopted.However, considering the relatively turbulent situation of the Philippines, it is difficult for the Philippines to obtain military advantage in the South China Sea region with these missile systems. On the contrary, once they fall into the hands of the rebels, they will seriously affect the national and social stability of the Philippines.After all, mindoro island, where the missiles are expected to be deployed, is less than 150 kilometers away from the capital, Manila, as the crow flies.Right within range of their own missiles.If these missiles were turned around by the rebels, they would immediately become a major security problem for the Philippines, and it would be impossible to stop them with the current military capabilities of the Philippines.So who are they buying these cruise missiles for?