“Bing Dwen Dwen” with fire Hangzhou Asian Games mascot!Is “Jiangnan Memory” also out of stock?

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As the mascot of Beijing Winter Olympic Games “Bing Dwen Dwen” is popular both inside and outside the games, even a “dwen” phenomenon is hard to find.The popularity of “Bing Dwen Dwen” has also brought attention to the mascots of hangzhou Asian Games.Too many people are planning for the upcoming Asian Games, too. Their designs for the tsung-cong, Chen Chen and Lian Lian mascots will also be used for the upcoming games.Hangzhou 2022 19th Asian Games mascots Chen Chen, Cong Cong and Lian Lian (from left to right).The three mascots will be named “Tsung-Cong”, “Cong Cong” and “Lian Lian”. The combination is named “Jiangnan Memories”, which is based on the famous phrase of Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi: “Jiangnan memories, Hangzhou is the best place to visit.”They integrate hangzhou’s history, culture, natural ecology and innovation genes, as the messenger of the Olympic spirit, peace and friendship, sent to the world “2022, Meet hangzhou Asian Games” warm invitation.In recent days, more and more people come to hangzhou 2022 19th Asian Games franchise retail stores for consultation and shopping, and many mascots related products are selling hot.”The Winter Olympics ice dun dun special fire, the next is the Hangzhou Asian Games, when the Asian Games mascot will certainly fire, to buy some first.”Citizen Miss Liu said.It is understood that the Hangzhou Asian Games has tmall official flagship store, TV shopping platform and more than 500 offline retail stores (including production enterprises own sales channels), including comprehensive offline retail stores mainly in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jinhua, Huzhou, Shaoxing and other games hosting cities also set up offline retail stores.At present, in hangzhou Asian Games official network flagship store, badges, dolls and many other mascot goods are also in short supply.Some of the hangzhou Asian Games official licensed merchandise retail stores around the mascot souvenirs have been sold out, and netizens have been urging the goods.In view of the netizen’s “urge goods”, hangzhou Asian group committee market development department’s response came.”In recent days, sales of souvenirs such as hangzhou Asian Games mascots have been booming, increasing 10-20 times compared to normal times.”Hangzhou Asian Games Committee market development department franchising department relevant person in charge said, this time the Hangzhou Asian Games franchising commodity sales are rising, on the one hand, the heat of the Beijing Winter Olympics has driven everyone’s enthusiasm for the Hangzhou Asian Games, on the other hand, entering the Asian Games year, everyone’s attention to the Hangzhou Asian Games is getting higher and higher.The picture shows an official licensed store for the Hangzhou Asian Games.According to staff at the licensed retail store, items related to the three mascots are currently popular, such as the “Jiangnan Memory” doll set, badges, key chains and postcards.Many factories shut down during the Spring Festival, and the temporary shortage of related goods will ease when factories resume work.Original title: “Bing Dwen Dwen” with fire Hangzhou Asian Games mascot! “Jiangnan memory” also out of stock?