Kame Rider Revice BOSS suspected to be Kaki’s father Prawn Dumplings: This setting is too familiar

2022-05-03 0 By

Kamen Rider Revice has officially opened a fully active new organization, namely weekend, as a third party force, and finally appears as the dark hand behind its suspected leader. According to the plot setting of this sentence, it is most likely to be Kaki’s father, although this setting has not been fully confirmed.But most likely there will be no deviation or misjudgment.For the transition form of kameen Rider revice unlock, Kano Kaki for this roller seal plug-in, completely accept not, just like the warkirima to see the first show of Sheng Cokao form, and shrimp dumplings to see LV99’s new tape, but Kano although was shocked, but the posture control is still good,You can’t do that by poking fun at the minds of ordinary people.According to follow-up the grow model and Philip’s mother is very like, listen to the voice is a man, and should be for fusion and bosses behind really, that’s not a problem of not running deviation, and science and technology flow, both sakura transformation belt, seal, or the scroll wheel should be created by him,And when I introduced myself, I mentioned that I was Kano Kano.Well, that would explain why a son with such a high IQ can develop all kinds of props, let alone a father.And last words of inaugural battery personal confessed to admire a fai both parents family, and the first words also revealed the inaugural father would have hung up, it seems that this is a false face knight build plot, father cheat death, but the stove to make things, it really is the father, can only say that hidden too good is too deep, but in general, this status when dad,They usually hang up.In addition, this operation always feels very similar to the relationship between Lao Tan and Shrimp Dumpling in kamen Rider Ex-Aid before, and it is likely to follow such a setting and plot. Considering the problem of the expansion of the main character group of Revice, there is a very high probability of the subsequent villain knight.