Li Na, deputy of Shandong Provincial People’s Congress: Further increase the investment in “numerical intelligence and efficiency”

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Qilu evening news · JiLuYi journalists Huang Shougeng at present, a new generation of digital technology in our country and the real economy to accelerate the convergence, facing the current “several mental efficiency” in traditional industry the problem of plugging point, difficulty and pain points of the shandong province people’s congress, the sun paper vice chairman li advice, according to their own needs to do strategic planning in various fields, on the basis ofRelevant departments should guide, encourage and support collaborative innovation among enterprises, and further increase investment in digital and intelligent transformation.In order to promote the integration of the new generation of digital technology and the real economy, Shandong province in recent years has issued the “Shandong Province Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan (2017-2022)”, “Shandong Province traditional Industry intelligent Technology Transformation three-year action Plan (2020-2022)” and other policies.Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries with intelligence as the main direction to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading and high-quality development.In this context, a group of enterprises in Shandong to force intelligent green technology reform.From jining sun paper, for example, as a national high-tech enterprises, the national “green factory”, constantly using new technology, new equipment, enhance the level of industrial technology and comprehensively promote “number is” efficiency, intelligent automatic stereoscopic warehouse, storage systems, one cartoon unattended system and other projects have achieved good effect.Last year, sun Paper PM24 palletizer automatic transformation, in the industry for the first time to achieve the whole process of automatic paper packaging operations.But at the same time, Li Na, deputy of Shandong Provincial People’s Congress and vice chairman of Sun Paper, also noted that in the current practice of “digital-intelligence efficiency enhancement”, there are problems such as weak industrial service capacity, technical capacity of manufacturing enterprises and shortage of professional talents, which to some extent restricted the process of “digital-intelligence efficiency enhancement” in traditional industries of our province.Intensify “amplify several intelligence” precise subsidies in the face of the current traditional industries in the “several mental efficiency of plugging point, difficulty and pain points, li believes that the fine point of the problem, need according to the personalized needs of the industrial chain to coordinate, and precise ShiCe, make” several mental efficiency “real traditional manufacturing enterprise transformation and upgrading of the” golden key “.Li said relevant departments should guide, encourage and support enterprises to carry out collaborative innovation, do a good job of matchmaking, and strengthen the collaborative innovation between manufacturing enterprises and service companies that provide “digital intelligence and efficiency enhancement” on the basis of strategic planning according to their own needs.At the same time, we will further increase investment in digital and intelligent transformation.Li Na took Suzhou as an example, “In the past year, the government gave funds to policies, platforms and services, and issued 7.33 billion yuan of ‘intelligent manufacturing loans’ throughout the year, and finally completed 10,634′ intelligent transformation to digital ‘projects, which played an important role in digitization, intelligent transformation and digital transformation of enterprises.On the basis of previous efforts, it is suggested that government departments further increase input and implement targeted subsidies to support the actual needs of different enterprises.”In addition, Li Na also suggested supporting industrial chain main enterprises to build a good industrial Internet.Draw lessons from Haier to build Kaos industrial Internet platform experience, further support the leading chain enterprises on the industrial chain to lead the establishment of industrial Internet vertical platform, promote the industry small and medium-sized enterprises to make good use of the vertical platform, jointly create a good ecology of industrial Internet in the traditional industry application.In addition to industrial planning, the role of “people” is also crucial in the “efficiency enhancement of digital intelligence”.”In the survey, the basic managers of the production line said that they attach great importance to the operators who are good at programming. For example, the technical staff of the Lao Pulp line of Sun Paper transformed their personal operating experience into standard program modules by making the ‘one-click open and stop’ program of the division of labor, thus simplifying the operation procedures and improving the work efficiency.”Li Na suggested training compound talents.Relevant colleges and universities and service enterprises are encouraged to provide order-type training courses to provide more support for the cultivation of inter-disciplinary talents.In addition, Li Na also mentioned that there are many types of manufacturing enterprises, among which there are obvious differences in subsectors.Take paper making as an example, the whole industrial chain and even the pulp, paper and other different production lines within the enterprise have different differentiated and personalized technological innovation needs, which put forward higher requirements for further promoting the integration of production and research.With the proposal of the dual carbon target and the need of industrial technological upgrading, enterprises need to strengthen the precise docking with universities in energy saving and carbon reduction technology, digitalization and intelligent transformation.”We look forward to relevant departments to support enterprises take the lead in creating innovation platform, complex form innovation, establish a cross-trade and interdisciplinary exchange mechanism, accurate docking enterprises in technology innovation of personalized, differentiated demand, so as to realize the effective integration of industrial chain innovation chain, increase the efficiency of the innovation and development in practical application.”Li said.