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Dongguang Yanbai and I, the story we have to tell — Dongguang County Culture, Sports, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau: Shi Lei’s letter of commendation should have been sent on December 31, 2019, but was delayed due to various reasons.Once by chance, I saw the inspiration of “The story of Me and Yanbai”, and the story in my memory was restored.Yes, I still owe dongguang Salt 100 “account”!Must take this opportunity to return!On December 24, 2019, a friend and I went to dongguang salt and prepare before the New Year clothes for himself, as you go, in the mall park, has a “punch”, just give it a try, wear to take off the countless times, almost all the women’s clothing counter unit on the fourth floor turned again, before you came to shopping mall after work time, fast when you go out, I inadvertently shook the wrist:”Oh, no, I’ve lost my string!”That is my favorite string of hands!Huanghua pear, clear texture, light fragrance, natural color, soft texture, make me fondly.Although not what precious jewelry, but I wear to play for more than ten years, and I get along day and night, like a close friend, suddenly disappeared, heartache!At this time the mall elevator has stopped, my friend pulled me, quickly ran up to the fourth floor, the through the cabinet group asked a time, each cabinet group of purchasers are enthusiastic to help me find, each fitting room, rest, together with the ground are carefully searched, my hand string is still no trace.”Don’t worry, we will look carefully tomorrow, if really lost here, no one took it away, it will not be lost.”In the middle of the night, suddenly smell a trace of familiar fragrance, the hand holds that string of soft and moist wooden bead again — my lost baby really “return bead palm”?Wake up is a dream, sleepless night, the opponent string more miss.On Sunday, my friend took me to buy flowers in the shed, standing in the fresh and warm shed, facing different shapes and colors, charming and lovely flowers, the mood of many days gradually calm, every flower, every leaf, as if in quietly tell me, the deceased so, cherish the present!Yes ah, lost, again sad, also useless, and therefore affected the life, is not a greater loss!Just lose it and don’t think about it any more. At that moment of relief, her friend’s phone rang suddenly. As soon as she answered the phone, her voice went up an octave, “Found it, it’s great!We’ll get it right away!”She excitedly shouted: “Sister Stone, the string found!”I have a little meng, rushed to the east Light salt four floor qianren gang cabinet group, shopping guide Xing Juan smiled and PUT me lost six days of baby, in my hands, gently touched each wooden bead, I could not help but tears…It turned out that I was trying on a down jacket in qianren’s cabinet that day. When I took it off, my hand string was stuck in the elastic band in the sleeve.Originally had lost hope of baby, six days later actually “return bead palm”!Do not know, these days salt 100 employees how anxious to find, and pay what kind of hard work, I do not think the newspaper, remember at that time did not hesitate to buy the down jacket, Xing Juan said: this small thing is nothing, we should do!Don’t buy clothes on impulse if you don’t need them or don’t particularly like them!But, I really like it!One winter, I like to wear this down jacket, I feel wearing her, very soft, very warm!”Make friendly profit, be a virtuous businessman” is a simple word, but to really do well, it is not easy!Duan Yanyan, Xing Juan, Wang Chunjuan of Dongguang Yanbai…With sincerity, carefulness and enthusiasm, they practiced the word “virtue”, which also made me trust dongguang Yanbai and rose to the height of reverence!Welcome to pay attention to the only official public wechat of the county Party Committee and the county government