Original god game character design personal preferences analysis

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Male I love zhong Leave, female love night palace.Zhong li I think it goes without saying, Chinese and foreign aesthetic unity.The figure is straight and handsome.Luxurious and modest temperament, dubbing that can feel the age of maturity and experience to bring calm.Miha swim against Zhong from is really a costly plump this role, light main plot is two.Go to where so yushu linfeng station, how screenshots are elegant.First see amazing, fine deep love, repeatedly reproduct, addicted to dumping.Oh, my God, I really want to marry him!Husband!!Maybe I am a female, feel no feeling to the female, most are like three or two days passed, especially the role of the shape of the rain, not the story to drive a point can not love.But xiao Gong really liked it.Since entering the main plot of rice Wife gave me suffocated to breathe, music is also like choking, map color is strong everywhere nuclear pollution wastewater made me a headache when playing too much.I was expecting god, but it turned out that the character’s personality directly weakened my liking by half.The most shining memories are the Night palace and Wanye.The night palace is really too cheerful, she is like the sunshine.Fireworks shop owner’s wife, it is too dazzling, how can there be such a lovely little girl doing such a romantic career!But night palace beauty is not from the clock, night palace in my this is completely character win, compared to the clock from the old man inside and outside repair.So the appearance of the highest level of the original god I feel that the clock from the mo belong to.To learn more, be sure to follow.This article by 6Z6Z original, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!