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Ouyang Yibing, a well-known playwright and drama critic in China, is a first-class national screenwriter.In 1979, he joined the China Children’s Art Theater to write plays for children’s dramas.In 1989, at the age of 48, under the long-term attention and cultivation of the theater Party organization, Ouyang Yibing joined the Communist Party of China with honor. By then, he had created five large-scale works for Chinese children’s art.Looking back, Ouyang yibing felt able to become a member of the Communist Party of China is very glorious and noble, he is “out of reach”.Later, when he realized his dream of becoming an honorable Member of the Communist Party, he couldn’t help feeling excited, filled with emotion and deeply felt the great responsibility on his shoulders.Years have passed, and his party membership is now 32 years.Ouyang yibing’s first play for Chinese children’s art was a one-act play called the Teacher who Sticks to Cicadas.This work is close to the reality, showing people’s expectations of educational reform and people’s teachers in the early stage of reform and opening up.OuYangYiBing used to work in the teacher, he thinks that children are like the stars in the sky, the flowers of the earth, near and far different, color and luster is different, but they are a star, is a flower, as a teacher, should love all the children, which laid the OuYangYiBing from then to now as children’s drama writer’s identity and the emotional foundation.Ouyang Yibing believes that excellent children’s plays belong to children, is able to express children’s wishes and dreams, such children’s plays will be loved by children.Then he created classic works for Chinese children, such as Twinkle, Stars and A Black Boy on the Great Wall.”Children’s plays can teach, but they are not dry and didactic.”Ouyang Yibing always believes that the simplest educational function of children’s plays is to make children feel happy. As long as they are happy, they can not be afraid of difficulties and learn and grow happily. Therefore, education of children’s plays is a silent education that enriches things, which is also the belief that Ouyang Yibing always sticks to in the creation of children’s plays.From 1999 to 2004, Ouyang Served as the president of The China Children’s Art Theater. He felt the great trust of the Party members, the leaders of the Ministry and the leaders of the theater: “At that time, I was already in my fifties and close to retirement, but the leaders still entrusted me with this heavy burden.My abilities were very poor, and I can’t say I was proud of my work, but I did my best.”Ouyang yibing is always modest when it comes to her past work.After retirement, Ouyang Yibing still kept on writing.Ouyang Yibing said: “For me, or for a screenwriter, a writer, there is no retirement, as long as I can write, I can keep writing.I always believe that since the Party has trained me and made me a glorious Communist, all my energy should be devoted to the Party, which is also the sustenance of my life.My work is my life. As long as THERE is one day left in my life, I will always belong to this career. Only when I devote myself to this career can I feel the joy of life burning.When a person knows his or her life is burning, he or she will be full of vitality, age is not a problem.As a writer, as a screenwriter, as a theater critic, I’m always pushing myself to keep doing it.”This enthusiasm is truly admirable.Since 2004, Ouyang yibing has been writing screenplays conscientiously.He not only served as drama, animation, drama writers, and reviews, essays published two drama to drama, participated in the local drama creation, committee member of the national art fund committee of experts, the national grand theatre arts council members with several times the ministry’s high-quality goods project, participate in the work, and so on.Ouyang Yibing can always be seen with his enthusiasm and creative energy for cultural undertakings, especially for children’s drama. He devoted himself to work in a state of “burning” and kept pushing himself to fulfill his mission as a Party member and creator.Ouyang yibing believes that the most important quality of a Party member is the principle of party spirit.’Principles are based on faith,’ he said. ‘The biggest principle is love for the Party and loyalty to the people, which requires concrete actions.’The party’s children’s drama needs the selfless dedication of thousands of people one after another, carving the inner world of minors, providing them with noble and rich spiritual and cultural nutrition, so that they can get sunny memories from childhood.Ouyang said modestly that he was not qualified to put forward expectations for the younger generation of party members, and could only talk to friends of the younger generation.”If I need to say a few words and their confidence, so I want to say is, no matter what do you do in China children’s art theatre, you don’t forget you are a party member, don’t forget what you say, every move is the embodiment of the party’s image, don’t think their own things do had nothing to do with others, this is not correct.When you wear this party emblem, you should know what it represents. It is the hope that the people have placed on you and expect you to make achievements. They are willing to work with you to fulfill the tasks assigned by the Party and the expectations of the people, especially the children, for our theater.So whether you’re a creative professional or an executive or a manager, remember that a lot of people are looking at you, and they have expectations of you.I hope the young party members will do better than us, and they will do better. Only in this way can China’s Children’s Art Theater and the cause of children’s theater in our new China prosper.”During the period of Chinese children’s art work, in response to the call of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China, ouyang Yibing led the performance team for the first time to carry out the “three visits to the countryside” condolence performance, which left a deep impression on her.”Go to the countryside, go to the border area, go to the mountainous area”. For China Children’s Art Theater, “Three to the countryside” is to send culture, especially the culture of children’s drama to the border area, grassroots and rural children.The first time ouyang yibing led a team to the countryside was to jingxing area of Hebei Province. In addition to performing, he also visited veteran revolutionary cadres, veteran soldiers and grassroots cadres in rural areas, which became a particularly memorable experience in his career.Ouyang recalled that at that time, he and three comrades of the band visited the home of an old soldier who had participated in the war against the United States and aided Korea.The old soldier was old and seriously ill and could not get out of bed for years.When entering the door, Ouyang Yibing saw the old man’s house is very simple, the walls are black.”The old man is good, the central committee of the Party, the Central Propaganda Department, the ministry party group sent us to show our great respect to you!”Ouyang Yibing said, the eyes of the old soldier suddenly brightened, he vigorously lifted his head from the pillow to look at the comrades who came to sympathize with him, and nodded.At that time, the trumpet player played “Volunteer March” for the old man, and the moment the trumpet sounded, a miracle happened!Suddenly, the force of the national anthem made the old soldier sit up in bed. He grabbed his hat from the side with trembling hands and put it on. Then, slowly and solemnly, he raised his hand with all his strength and saluted his comrades and the golden trumpet to the song of “March of the Volunteers”.Ouyang said excitedly: “At that moment, everyone was deeply moved, all the language at that time and then are redundant, only the high respect shows the old party members in the last moments of life, the fire in the heart is still burning.He still keeps in mind the cause of the Party and the history of the revolutionary War in the most precious place in his heart.”He said the decision by the CPC Central Committee, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to send advanced culture to grassroots every year is a wise and popular policy, which shows the close ties between the Party and the people.”We are not so much delivering culture to the grassroots as listening to a touching song of revolutionary history here.Every fellow, every common people, every masses, their words have deeply moved me.That is why I say that “three trips to the countryside” is a two-way exchange. We have carried our culture down with us, and at the same time we have absorbed the most valuable spiritual nourishment from the people.Therefore, I have come to a conclusion that as writers and artists, whether they are creators of children’s dramas or adult dramas, ‘living without life’ means’ living without people ‘. Once you are separated from the masses, you are nothing but suspended in the air.”Ouyang Yibing said that during her five years as the director of the China Children’s Art Academy, she was particularly impressed by the central leadership’s direct care for the China Children’s Art Theater.He was very fortunate to experience four times that the central leaders went to the theater to watch plays directly, and gave the theater the most practical concern and help.Ouyang yibing said that the first time premier Zhu Rongji came to the theater to see The Moonlight Lullaby, premier Zhu was in tears twice in the audience.After the performance, Premier Zhu made an impromptu speech of more than ten minutes, fully affirming the moonlight Lullaby and talking about his hopes for the children with his own personal feelings.Vice Premier Li Lanqing came to the theater twice, once to help The China Children’s Art Theater to establish a wider connection with the school and the majority of primary and secondary school students, Vice premier Li Lanqing invited in his name 60 principals of primary and secondary schools in Beijing and children to watch “Ma LAN LAN”, which caused a great response.Vice Premier Li Lanqing came for the second time in order to personally help The Chinese children’s art to solve the difficulties, for the old Chinese children’s theater a complete renovation of funds, replaced the old equipment, so that children can feel in the Chinese children’s art theater theater is a highest palace of children’s drama.Zeng Qinghong also went to China Children’s Art Theater to watch the musical Shangri-La on June 1 children’s Day, expressing his concern and hope for Chinese children’s drama art and Chinese children’s art.”Since the establishment of Chinese children’s art in 1956, Premier Zhou Enlai personally accompanied international guests to watch our children’s drama many times. Until the 21st century, I personally experienced the four times that the central leaders came to the theater to see the play, inspect and guide the work, which is a glorious page in the history of our Chinese children’s art.Every time I recall these, it reflects the care and expectation of the Party, the country and the people for our theater. This is a precious memory that I will never forget, and I believe that all the members of China Children’s Art Theater will never forget.”Ouyang Yibing said emotionally.The year 2021 marks the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.Talking about this important time, as a veteran Party member, Ouyang Yibing’s greatest feeling is: “History proves that the Chinese people are happy!From the middle of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century, the 100 years of the Chinese nation is very unfortunate, we have suffered from the three mountains more and more cruel oppression, we see our great motherland bullying, the Chinese nation every day facing the danger of national extinction.Many Chinese prophets and pioneers discovered marxist theory and took the road of the October Revolution, which brought great hope to the Chinese people.In the past 100 years since the founding of the Party, The Chinese people have followed the party to create an impressive history.”In the past, Ouyang Yibing always had a dream: when will China become a great power and walk in the forefront of the world?At that time, he thought this dream was very distant, but did not expect to live to see the motherland is moving to the forefront of the world, the great rejuvenation of the sun has been slowly rising.Ouyang Yibing felt both happiness and pride: he was both a participant and a witness of history.”I have experienced all this with my own eyes, and I feel very satisfied and privileged in my life.””Our goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will certainly be achieved because of the CPC, a great political party that has gone through arduous struggles and twists and turns over the past 100 years, moving from failure to success and from victory to new and greater victories.I wish our great Party continued to make greater and more brilliant undertakings for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the happiness of the whole Chinese people on the road of truth, and I believe this will be realized.”2021 will also be the 65th anniversary of the establishment of China Children’s Art Theater. As a veteran Party member who has devoted his whole life to the theater, Ouyang Yibing affectioningly wishes Chinese children’s art: “The theater is my mother’s school. Our lives are limited, while The life of Chinese children’s art will be infinite.The 65th anniversary of China Children’s Art Theater is coming!All the staff of China Children’s Art Theater paved the glorious path of 65 years with their loyalty to the party’s children’s drama cause.I hope that in the next 65 years and 100 years, China Children’s Art Theater will be more brilliant and brilliant, and truly become a spiritual paradise for children. Then we will be worthy of this era.I look forward to a brighter tomorrow!”Editor: Wu Min