Russia: security guards who doodle world famous paintings could face a one-year fine of 40,000 yuan

2022-05-03 0 By

Painting is art, but some art, ordinary people may not understand, artists have their own expression, in Russia’s Ekaterina Fort, held an abstract art exhibition.(Peninsula Morning Post, Nine Party News, Look News, Red Star News, British stuff) The show was a masterpiece and worth a lot of money, but one of the security guards scribbled on a famous painting and put eyes in it.The security guard does not know what to think, whether he is uncomfortable with obsessive-compulsive disorder or thinks that the master is debatable and the figure should have eyes, which is a positive comment on art.However, he could face a year of reeducation through Labour and a fine of 40,000 roubles for vandalism.The fine is not much, almost equivalent to RMB 4000, but labor punishment is more severe for a year, perhaps exiled to Siberia, ice and snow, but also work, that call a bitter.It’s a mistake made on a whim, a mistake made on a whim.Fortunately, the damage was not serious.Some netizens are happy about this, saying that it is better to add eyes.This opinion, the average person has the eyes, but the master did not make the eyes, may be to express the object of the world, which means that the subjective world, the world as will and representation, or being and nothingness, may be express human know nothing to the world, or the human alienation, for thinking of war and peace, painting creation in the 1930 s,War clouds were gathering in Europe, just before the Outbreak of the Soviet-German war, but the Soviet Union was not necessarily alert to German ambitions and threats.This painting may be the meaning of blind man, is a warning, perhaps is the painter’s style.Whatever it is, this painting is a master’s work, as well as a cultural relic and human heritage. You are not a master.Some netizens think it is hype, hype will not get people punished, the painter is not very famous, called Anna.Leboskaya, but maybe we don’t know, but there are a lot of great masters in Soviet, Russian history, maybe a big one.Some netizens, including me, have hype intensive disease. When I see any news or event, I think it is deliberately hyped or commercial behavior, but it is not necessarily so.Another netizen said, also on the ballpoint pen painting oil painting, rarely repair, he is learning oil painting, but also spend more than 20,000 yuan repair, he said he can repair 10,000, 5,000 line, 500 dry.The problem is that this kind of famous painting may need to be repaired by a painter or institution of a certain level and status. Moreover, it is a cultural relic, and the craft and procedure may be very complicated, and 20,000 yuan is not much.Unlucky is security, 20000, was fined 4000, still have to labor punishment education, many netizens think security good, make the finishing point, this is a spoof, or sympathy, or felt a genius, the underlying security may have certain art foundation, but you can paint, you own graffiti, rather than randomly alter on cultural relics.After all, history and cultural relics need to be respected. All countries should pay attention to protecting cultural relics. Such behavior itself is not civilized.Keeping green forever (1009 words) | kundera media culture studios Other pale between wind month: some pictures for the simulation of imagination, do not represent words mean.