Sichuan Zigong Bank appointed to help do practical work, rural revitalization of good

2022-05-03 0 By

On the afternoon of January 26, 2022, five members of the two committees of Gonghe Village, Xindian Town, Da ‘an District, Zigong City, Sichuan Province and the student representatives of the village “With the Children’s Family” sent a banner reading “Love to help students, love to warm people’s hearts” to Zigong Bank to express their gratitude.The republic village is designated by Zigong Bank for rural revitalization.Since supporting work, zigong Banks to carry out the central, provincial and municipal party committee government on cement out of poverty to realize the crucial results of effective connection with country revitalization policy decisions, establish a “zigong bank co., LTD. Service rural revitalization of ten measures”, adhere to the party leading the country revitalization, and communities in the history of the party to learn organic integration of education and support work,To help the village to do practical things, do good.In specific assistance work, Zigong Bank selected and sent outstanding cadres as the first secretary of the village to carry out assistance work in the village.Practical and giving full play to the advantages of support units, and actively help GongHe Village crack development dilemma, for helping the village development of planting industry, aside the reasonable development and utilization of land, strengthen the village collective economic ideas, has invested more than 70000 yuan, to support the development of the village of sorghum planting industry, improve public welfare post personnel office conditions, to carry out the educational action to help poor students difficult people, love life, etc.A series of fixed-point measures have achieved good results, town, village cadres and the majority of villagers praise.Over the past year, thanks to the joint efforts of the leadership at both town and village levels and the Supporting institution zigong Bank, progress has been made in effectively linking the achievements of poverty alleviation in republican villages with rural revitalization.The living environment continued to improve, industries developed steadily, and the village collective economy continued to grow. The annual income of the village collective economy reached 219,800 yuan, an increase of more than 170,000 yuan compared with 2020.In 2022, Zigong Bank will continue to strengthen the work of designated assistance, give full play to the advantages of assistance units, strengthen responsibility, and make new contributions to rural revitalization.