Spring Festival walk grassroots | Spring Festival fitness “no closing” winter swimming sports heroic posture “cool”

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“See Xianyang” news: in recent years, The mass sports in Xianyang city flourish, various forms of sports emerge in endlessly, greatly promoted the improvement of the physical quality of the masses.The Xianyang women’s winter swimming team performs the first “swim” in the New Year on The first day of the Chinese New Year, Feb. 1, 2018, to greet the Arrival of the Year of the Tiger with health and vitality.Day, clear, it is high time to carry out sports, the east river ecological scenic area of the city, a group of spirited winter swimming enthusiasts gather hereat, everyone dressed in a bathing suit, wearing the airbag, a winter sports, outdoor air temperature is low, the water was cold, but no could not prevent winter swimming fitness enthusiasm, they do warm-up exercise, water mountain dew,Push on.Scenic lake shimmering, the surrounding scenery is pleasant, winter swimming enthusiasts chase each other, strong body, with action to embrace health, with posture interpretation of vitality.It is reported that the Xianyang winter swimming team was founded on January 28, 2018, the captain is ankang people, especially like winter swimming sports, participate in a variety of winter swimming activities for a long time, launched the establishment of the winter swimming team in Xianyang, currently has 149 members, including 32 women winter swimming team, they often organize winter swimming activities, strengthen the body, improve the physique,It has become an epitome of the vigorous development of mass sports in our city.(Report by Gou Miaoxia wang Zhanfeng, xianyang Radio and Television correspondent Jing Dongxu, “See Xianyang”)