Why did Chongzhen end up lonely and pitiful?His conversations with ministers gave us the answer

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When the Forbidden City was in full force in January, the depression and desolation of the earth always made people breathless. A chill pervaded every corner of the city. The lonely withered branches pierced the lonely sky, and the North Sea seemed to be covered with thin ice.It was now the hour when, in front of the Zhengyang Gate and in front of the Daming Gate, all sorts of merchants and passers-by had begun their business as usual, but their solemn faces showed a variety of depressed expressions.On the road in front of xuanwu Gate, a shabby old man, dressed in tattered cotton-padded clothes and tied a straw rope around his waist, was walking along the road with a dirty child step by step. From time to time, the old man and the young man would glance doubtfully at the red walls and green tiles.And right now, Chongzhen still sits before the imperial case in imperial study dully, he is wearing fox skin coat, the hand is holding that shake to drop chin, looking at the palace lamp on the roof in front, silently reverie.He could not understand why he was so diligent in his administration. In the 16 years since he became emperor, he had not indulged in extravagance and drunkness, had not been intoxicated with the imperial power and the comfort of pleasure, and had not slacked off in the grand inheritance of the Zhu family.He wanted to turn the tide, he knew, Zhu this glittering mansion had already arrived at the edge of collapse, but he was unwilling, he must revive this universe, thus for zhu family continuation of this eternal foundation.All he seemed to be doing, however, was accelerating the pace and pace of the edifice’s collapse, and the desire to revive the great Empire in his hands was turning into a melancholy despair.He’s so annoying.He was at a loss.The sinister compositions made him shudder.Just yesterday, he connected with the report of King Hua Kui of Chu, learned that Jingxiang was lost, Chengtian fell, governor Song Yihe died in battle, patrol according to Li Zhensheng was captured, unknown whereabouts, and more let him suffer great shame, as an important mausoleum of his Zhu mausoleum, also was excavated and destroyed by Li Zicheng.Chongzhen how also did not expect, Li Zicheng chengtian did not say, even the dragon vein of the submersible also destroyed.Yes, he was so vexed that he could hardly describe the taste of vexation.In fact, when he learned that the Mausoleum was destroyed, in the face of the whole court burst into tears, the “annoyed” taste had left him.After leaving the court yesterday afternoon, he gave up the idea of going to Princess Tian and told Wang Cheng ‘en that we should go back to the imperial study.It seemed to him that the world of his royal study was the only place where he could find comfort.He longed to renounce for a moment the breathless suspense and danger.As soon as he got back to the imperial study, he dismissed the young eunuchs who were always following him around like followers, and asked Wang Cheng ‘en to go down there too, saying that he wanted to be left alone. When Wang Cheng ‘en came to announce that Queen Zhou had come to see him, he just refused with an angry rebuke.All night, his lonely and poor sitting there, the mind is empty, also do not know what time, Wang Chengen quietly come in he covered her fur coat, as when he doesn’t know he is in the silent reverie to go to sleep, only know that when he awoke from a deep sleep, when wiping the cheeks a little light, out of the window is already bright fluorescent sight.But as soon as his eyes fell on the paper on the royal table, the sorrow that had temporarily disappeared seized him, and he threw it all over the ground in a fit of anger, spilling the cinnabar from the cinnabar box and staining yellow copies with red….Chongzhen really dare not think to go down.What could he do?He knew he couldn’t do it.However, he seemed to believe in himself too much, he believed in his ability to save the storm.So he braced himself again.He sat up straight, rubbed his face with his hand, and gave a long sigh.At this time, Wang Cheng ‘en quietly bow walked in, he went straight to the royal case next to see all over the ground of the play, both surprised and puzzled tunnel: “Your Majesty, this……”.Chongzhen just silently looked at him, and looked at the music on the ground, soft voice way: “pick it up for me!”Immediately, Wang Cheng ‘en bent over and picked up the papers scattered on the floor one by one. He stacked them neatly on the left hand corner of the imperial table. Then he found a piece of cloth and wiped the cinnabar splattered on the table.Chongzhen seemed not to hear the appearance, still immersed in some reverie, until Wang Cheng ‘en reminded again, suddenly remembered like: “Oh, meal?”He thought for a moment, “I just have no appetite, that’s all!!””Your majesty, your body matters!””Ah, I know, do not need you tube, I have a lot of positive things to do, now, into a thief such dangerous, slaughtered oh, abusive, dig hill, is to endure, which do not endure, I must take certain steps,” he paused for a moment, seems to want to let the anger of amorphous, and then went on:”Immediately announce wen Tiren, the chief minister and assistant commissioner, The imperial envoy Wang Jukui, the assistant commissioner of Huguang, and see you in the imperial study of Wang Yangji.”Wang Cheng ‘en took the order and immediately withdrew.Yesterday, in chongzhen flay unexpectedly announced the dropping out three days, leaving a bunch of ZhuQing minister stood in a daze hall doubts, he had no countermeasures about xiang-jing, days lost, although some minister has totally loyal, but also can is eagerly anticipated by his disoriented to, and those who fear backfired, are more happy a thing’s not hanging up.Chongzhen is sober.The courtiers all awaited his decree.Yes, it’s up to him to make all the decisions.He also thought that one of these scholars, six departments and nine ministers could come out and take the initiative to share their worries and sorrows, but they always seemed to hide their heads and shrink their tails. Perhaps, in their eyes, this country was only his chong Zhen, and they were just tourists and passers-by on it.Yes, he is the emperor and they are ministers.Therefore, as soon as he roused himself, he realized that he must challenge Li zicheng’s frequent attacks and victories head-to-head.He had wanted to invite Zhou Yanru for a consultation, but the thought of the nauseating jealousy that seemed to shoot up in his throat at the first minister’s nauseating adulation of the Empress zhou forced him bitterly to reject the idea.Within an hour, Wen Tiren, the chief minister, Wang Jukui, the military commissioner in Beijing, and Wang Yangji, the assistant minister of Huguang, came to the imperial study together.After three people kowtowed to see the driver, Chongzhen immediately gave the seat, not worry about the heart care-ridden but very severe tunnel: “you love you, now the thieves ran amok, xiangjing Chengtian fell into the hands of thieves, Chengtian Mountain excavation was humiliated, you can have countermeasures?”Wen Tiren the auxiliary minister, although chongzhen special to know, but do not know to serve the imperial court, only know and Zhou Yanru together knaves, sell the official juju, exclude people.Now, as soon as he listened to Chongzhen’s words, he knelt down to the ground immediately and reverently: “I tell you, I think that Zuo Liangyu can attack the thief from Wuchang.”Actually, WenTiRen is very clear, because the article analyzes the force to push their attack, and zuo yu almost all running, already become a bow-string, he led the work only parry and not of strength to force back to wuchang, even themselves are the shaky, already wary of yellow tiger attacks, afraid the article analyzes the siege, and he had no ability to fight back,And take back xiangjing, how to protect themselves, enough to comfort yourself.Still, in order to show his loyalty, and at the same time to avoid any serious obligation, he submitted it.As soon as Wang Jukui and Wang Yangji heard Wen Tiren’s idea, they understood each other. They were just obedient, distracted and unable to form a sentence, so they could not make up their minds.Chongzhen helpless, only announced that he had considered the countermeasures and opinions: the first auxiliary minister Wen Tiren worship taimiao;The court chief was Wang Jukui, acting in place of Song Yihe, the governor of Huguang.Huguang political advisor Wang Yangji was promoted to chengtian governor, now governor zuo Liangyu and other officers and soldiers of the town, wuchang, restore Chengtian.This a few will once, Chongzhen almost already exulted with joy, he finally had counterattack Li Zicheng’s countermeasures, perhaps, before long, he will recapture Xiangjing, restore dragon qianbao.Thinking of these, the in the mind can not help but relaxed a lot, suddenly, think of tonight should go to tian Guifei there, has not gone to his beloved Tian Guifei there for several days.After the three ministers took their leave, Chongzhen walked along the imperial study with his hands behind his back. He stretched his waist, expanded his chest and heaved a sigh of relief.At this moment, as if remembering something, he said to Wang Cheng ‘en, who was still standing at the door of the imperial study, “Go, go, get Wu Yu back for me!”As soon as Chongzhen saw him, he raised his voice and said, “Wu Yu, I love you. I have sent Wang Yangji to supervise Zuo Liangyu and other officers and soldiers in various towns to restore the situation in Hu-Guang. You have been in charge of the State of Qin and are well aware of the situation in The state of Jin.”Your majesty, I know this responsibility is great, and will be the collective effort, to effect the work of a dog and a horse, but, The king’s adult element to micro minister not thought, as others, if it does not accept the dispatch, how?”Chongzhen gently dry cough 1, a hand holding the chin, looked at the wang Cheng ‘en standing respectfully, and then looked up looked at the palace lamp as if a few crisp about to drop, a kind of cold feeling seems to make him tightly pull the fox fur coat draped on the body.Finally, as if in deep thought, he seriously asked Wu Yu, “WHAT if I give you a square sword?”Wu Yu immediately kowtowed.Emperor Chongzhen was so pleased that he sent a message and bestowed a sword on The emperor. Wu Yu, a college student, was appointed governor of Huguang military affairs to defeat Li Zicheng.While Emperor Chongzhen was mobilizing troops in his imperial study, Li Zicheng had already led his army and horses, standing on the bank of the Yangtze River in Hanyang Palace, looking forward to the head of Wuchang.