Teach you how to break one by one water and electricity transformation in the 5 big traps

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We all know that the water and electricity reconstruction cost occupies a large part of the overall decoration total cost, but do not understand the water and electricity renovation in the end is how to charge or “high” what is the reason!Because the cost of water and electricity transformation is rarely transparent processing!Want to know water and electricity to transform is to decorate a company almost “dig” one of project project of highest profit point, can be imagined, do not have enough cat-trick or trap, “empty high” profit how can be out of thin air?Next follow nest gentleman to study the trap in the water and electricity decoration, maybe a certain point can help you save a lot of money!1, steal, shoddy jerks, has been a nest jun despise the most illegal inferior behavior.In decorating process, jerry-cutting is how to be manipulated by a few “seek excessive profits” decorate company place?Follow build nest gentleman to look down seriously: the line of the socket has 3, live wire, zero line and ground wire, the line diameter that normative standard asks 3 lines wants same.But some construction square is holding owner layman, change ground wire into thinner electric wire intentionally, the purpose is just for “save cost”.Ground wire is a protective effect of the “safety line”, under normal circumstances generally will not “guard” work.The material of ground wire is qualitative stand or fall, owner may have no feeling completely, “oneself feel do not have safe hidden trouble” you, little imagine to have a at any time “combustion” mine is beside.This kind of heinous behavior, it is difficult to vent anger, but really want to face this kind of thing, or to deal with calmly!Use scientific professional knowledge or methods, do a good job of accurate and in place of the relevant acceptance work, to avoid the occurrence of safety risks!To deal with the law: first of all, want to fundamentally put an end to shoplifting, from the beginning in the decoration quotation and decoration contract agreed, wire and water pipe brand, model, specification, price, dosage should try to write in detail, both sides contract three chapters, once there is a problem according to the contract.Secondly, after the entry of water and electricity materials, we should strictly check and accept in accordance with the contract and quotation, and confirm that we have no doubt and then sign.If there is doubt, must put forward, want a statement, even if the two sides may appear the fierce scene, also want to adhere to the problem that the quality of the housing decoration construction is maximized to be solved!2, increase the project in general, malicious malicious items, and a common problem in the family is decorated, such as the family living room and bedroom positioning has been completely can satisfy daily needs, the number of lamps and lanterns decorate a company may use its own professional Angle to suggest that we increase the number of lamps and lanterns, euphemistically called “so more beautiful beautiful”.For instance kitchen socket is used completely again enough, can certain decorate a company to be able to use likely the place of high-power electric equipment enumerated to us, the proposal should fill add socket quantity finally!We owners do not understand ah, take it for granted that more standby sockets in case of emergencies is also right, after moving in the real feedback of many people is “a lifetime may not need once”.More have very possibly still can take “geomantic” make an issue, want to be able to make owner people “extra consumption” only, that pay a bit “hard raise thought”, also “happy its place”!The law that deal with: before decorating, oneself long dim sum, do bit homework more, consult the relative friend that decorates more or professional personage.Do know!Once confirm to decorate, all strictly according to the drawings, any increase in the project should be treated calmly, think twice before you act.3, malicious reduction of engineering decoration has an increase, of course, there is also a reduction!For example: the living room circuit reservation details are: main lamp lighting, air conditioning socket, cable TV socket, routing, desk lamp, mobile phone charging, a total of 2 lamp groups, 9 switches.When the standard is checked, it is found that some actual construction quantity is not up to the standard, such as the actual number of switches is 7, which is 2 switches apart from the standard.There are many similar items, but basically the same thing is that the construction company successfully “omitted” the “favorite” item in the least noticeable place, because they know better than our owners where it is easier to “operate”.To deal with the law: in the decoration contract clear construction requirements, and the responsibility and consequences of breach of contract.Still have the safest method of course, ask a third party to supervise namely, let professional third party supervise to assist you to check and accept.4, wire through the pipe is not standardized all do PVC processing wire, the wall buried processing, more improve the safety of electricity, but if the construction is improper or intentionally “opportunistic”, it is also easy to make this safety measures into a higher risk of “hidden trouble” burden!For example, according to the standard, the sum of the diameter of all the wires in the electric tube should not exceed 60% of the inner diameter of the electric tube. If the construction party “overplugs the wires”, once the temperature in the electric tube exceeds the load, it is highly likely to cause fire accidents, resulting in personal safety threats to the owner.For example, strong electric tube and weak electric tube distance according to the standard requirements at least 20 cm apart, if the actual strong and weak electric tube or distance is less than 20 cm, there will be signal interference problem, resulting in slow down the problem!Solution: after construction, carry out electricity inspection and require repair company to leave a detailed pipeline map, clear wall position, joint position and other information, if there are obstacles, it is also convenient to find the cause.5, sewer into garbage channel some construction team in the decoration process to save trouble, will contain a lot of cement, sand and concrete into the sewer, causing serious blockage of the sewer, resulting in the kitchen and toilet due to water running water.Although there is no problem in the final acceptance of some projects, the problem of poor water will always occur.To deal with the method: strict supervision of the construction team, can not take down the waterway when the use of garbage.After the waterway construction is completed, fill all the birdbath, basin and bathtub with water, and then drain water at the same time to see whether the water is unobstructed and whether there is leakage in the pipeline.1, ignore the importance of ground wire, do directly save processing, once the occurrence of leakage is too late to regret!2, water and electricity road laying orientation is not correct, once the occurrence of water leakage will lead to short circuit leakage!3, fixed water pipe card is too little, faucet switch produce water pressure sudden change, easy to lead to water pipe jitter or even leakage!4, waterway embedded mouth, circuit embedded box is too deep, the final installation of faucet or panel is not convenient!5, no pressure test, water leakage is in a state of blind confidence!6, pipeline material shoddy, wire is too thin!Accessories missing or less use!7, in the water outlet below the installation of socket, once the leakage will cause a short circuit accident.Strong and weak electricity cross do not shield, strong and weak electricity parallel too close!Even strong and weak electricity with pipe laying!9, suspended ceiling wire laying without hose!No distribution box!10, the pipeline directly through the wall, no protective tube outside!