Tongzhou electric bicycle special night check

2022-05-04 0 By

For further promoting special electric bikes, put an end to electric bicycle, fire accident late February 11, tongzhou district to carry out the electric bicycle special focus YeZha actions, based on fire a weak old village, rent apartments, urban and rural copula villagers build rental housing as the key point, a total of inspection unit 113, 219, and supervise and urge the rectification dangerA fine of 85,000 yuan was imposed, 3 houses were closed down, 15 illegally parked charging electric vehicles were cleaned up, and 3.8 tons of combustible materials were cleaned up.Each team to place to live live Beijing personnel number and the living situation research, focusing on community and self-built electric bicycle number inside the room, charging mode, charging infrastructure construction, fire lane and evacuation channel are occupied, electric bike illegal parking charge inside the village, do you have any electric bicycle propaganda poster, and so on and so forth,And the community and self-built rental housing self-defense self-rescue force pull inspection, key inspection personnel whether in position, in case of emergency can be timely disposal and evacuation of trapped people.The inspection of the general problem of the inspection unit immediately rectification, so that the problem is not overnight, hidden trouble is not disaster, the existence of major hidden trouble units for the first time to take measures such as closure, shutdown.After the inspection, the inspection team to the communities and rental housing, head of the request, the current fire safety work, more attention must be paid to the fire accident lesson, further strengthen the use of fire electricity especially electric bicycle charging management, implement the fire main body responsibility, resolutely prevent illegal parking charge cause fire accident for electric cars.Beijing city deputy center newspaper reporter Chen Shijun responsible editor Zhang Chen