Warm heart!A pensioner in Gongyi delivers “blessing” to epidemic prevention workers in the community

2022-05-04 0 By

The New Year is coming, the outbreak of the sudden disruption of People’s Daily, the city quickly into the fight against the epidemic “battle”, epidemic prevention personnel stick to their posts in spite of wind and snow, guarding the safety of the masses, deeply touched every Gongyi people.The Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger is approaching, and people are busy purchasing New Year goods and buying Spring Festival couplets. In tongben South Road community, Dufu Road, Gongyi City, a retired veteran volunteer handwritten Spring Festival couplets to send New Year’s greetings to the staff struggling in the front line of epidemic prevention.Approaching the Spring Festival, beaming.Gongyi City Dufu Road street Tongben South road community staff are also busy, guarding the masses of peace, happiness.Their dedication is seen in the eyes of the masses, remember in the heart.Early in the morning of 21 days, the community a retired cadres Xu Litong holding a thick pile of Spring Festival couplets, smiling into the neighborhood committee, said to stick to the post of the community staff.Xu Litong nearly 70 years old this year, is a kind of “volunteers”, the community has to, always actively participate in volunteer service, to celebrate the Spring Festival, the staff are very busy, work very hard, afraid they don’t have time to buying necessities, just like calligraphy writing myself, will play special skill, or her, just wrote more than 50 spring couplets to the community,I would like to extend Chinese New Year greetings to those working on the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and thank them for their efforts.Spread love, warm everyone.Community workers sent Spring Festival couplets to volunteers, Party members, members of the council in each building and the masses who were unable to buy New Year goods due to home isolation for their outstanding performance in the frontline of epidemic prevention and control. They thanked them for firmly guarding the last kilometer of epidemic prevention and control in the grim situation.Source: Gongyi Rong Media Center, writer: Zhi Yingdi