Yang Yuying tied the ball head good delicate, wear wool dress also want to show thin legs, the figure is too advanced

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Women of all ages seem to be looking for the secrets to losing weight, from facial care to keeping in shape and now focusing on what they wear.But they seem to be looking in the right direction, as outfits can complement one’s body and temperament, making one look younger and more energetic.Yang Yuying is not old goddess, her dress is also worth learning.So xiaobian from her many styles to find the most easy to imitate a few sets, and then give you a summary of the secret weapons of aging oh, interested sisters continue to look at it.Yang Yuying has mastered the secret of age reduction, the wool dress with down jacket, wear thick figure.Skirt outfit is the single that can highlight female clever beauty most among all modelling is tasted, so the massiness that melts down jacket with fluttering skirt outfit is very clever wear method.And skirt outfit is bound to be able to reveal the line feeling of leg part, can tell everybody intuitively so: you are very slim and slim itself, so no matter wear how thick down jacket, need not worry about meeting bloated, so reduce age also became a matter of course.Look2: t-shirts are a common part of the casual look for young people, but even as you age, you don’t have to worry about looking too deliberate. They are a great fit for the casual look women are looking for.And there will be a lot of delicate printing graffiti on the T-shirt, the decoration of printing elements not only makes the ordinary T-shirt become more personalized beauty, but also avoids the monotony of color and style, and reduces the sense of passers-by a lot.The collocation of this kind of upper and lower outfit is more conducive to shaping the figure proportion, only need to use short and long wear way can create a golden proportion like model.Therefore, xiaobian suggests that you can try to choose a short shirt to create a neat and agile feeling, more youthful.At the same time, wide-leg pants loose sense can also maximize the atmosphere becomes more relaxed, a walk without any constraint oh.The shirt may be the norm for most women at work, but when it’s tweaked and paired with a skirt instead of trousers, it still feels ladylike, but not too intimidating.If you want the overall feeling to become a bit more spontaneous and lovely, you can turn the long skirt into a short skirt, then the effect of reducing age is more obvious.From the above sets of styling, xiaobian found that reducing the style of wrapping is the key to effective aging.In other words, avoid over-dressing or over-toning your look.On the one hand, can have the aid of decent show skin effect to present a more frivolous state, and on the other hand, also can use a more relaxed version to build a natural and unrestrained and comfortable atmosphere.An A-line skirt or wide-leg pants are fashion items that look youthful, whether worn with A T-shirt or blouse.The color of the element that chooses to reduce the age has a great influence on the age. Although the basic color like black, white and gray is safe and safe to wear on the body, it always seems too rigid and monotonous.The condition of young people is to boldly try different colors, with bright colors to show the appearance of youth, so multi-purpose color is always right.Besides, brunet can give a person a kind of mature and sedate feeling very obviously, and relaxed of light color and clean can let the thick feeling of whole modelling reduce many, go up in priority so, shallow color just is optimal choice.Materials Some materials are born with the advantage of reducing age, such as knitting or wool is fluffy to the touch, so it will give people a soft and lovely feeling.And although the material such as silk, velvet appears advanced, it is easy to look old.However, most age-reducing materials have a fluffy effect, and slightly fat girls are more likely to expose their body defects after wearing them, so we should carefully choose whether to use materials to reduce age.Styles such as baby collar, bubble sleeve, puffy skirt are very popular in recent years, but also because they can always make people feel amazing and delicate in the shape of girl wind.But the choice of style or according to their own figure, the following xiaobian to bubble sleeve to give you an example.Bubble sleeve is told to the girl of wide shoulder and narrow shoulder, it is the design that decorates very well, but the side key that chooses is completely different.Wide-shouldered girls should choose soft, falling material, the main purpose is to cover the width of the shoulder, and these girls need more three-dimensional material to support the outline of the shoulder.Hair Yang Yuying zai ball head good delicate, wear wool dress also want to show thin legs, the figure is too senior.Hair style is really too important to shape the atmosphere. When people tie up their hair completely, and comb it into ponytail, ball head or braid, it will give people a youthful sense of campus atmosphere.So when you don’t know what to do with your outfit, changing your hairstyle can double the effect.When it comes to middle-aged women, we may have a fat figure in our mind, so if we can shape good posture and excellent body lines, we will make the whole person look younger.The woman with perfect figure can have the curve that send by concave and convex to present more decorous temperament.While slightly fat girls can discover their own body advantages and magnify it, or focus on the shape of the body proportion, it is easier to achieve twice the result with half the effort.Therefore, it is really not as difficult as we imagine, it is the best entry, the best operation and the best effect of all the methods of reducing age.Beautiful sisters must not hesitate, according to the above small skills to wear, at least young 10 years old oh.