In a man’s heart, there are always two women, the second one is his favorite

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In the emotional world, you think you love someone very much, but when you love enough, you realize that what you love is not the person in front of you.Wonderful love to tell you the truth, especially easy to go to people’s mind, but the reality is not the case, because it also covers the suspicion, damage, helpless, etc., when two people together for a long time later, a partner’s shortcomings will be infinite amplification, do you think you still love her, but in fact the one you love is his own imagination of the perfect partner.A man, in particular, is particularly prone to fall into the trap of love.Have to admit, men no matter in love, or in marriage life, are particularly easy to fall into the “flower heart” or betrayal of the situation, this is because they find their love of the woman, far from being so good, so it will have a fluke and escape the idea.A sincere love, often can not be concrete, you can only rely on their own understanding to analyze love, sometimes you feel that a person loves you, but in fact, he does not love you, but there is your shadow.02 Love itself is no reason at all, it is not the more you pay, the more you harvest, it is not you do not pay, the harvest is not happy love.It seems to be a kind of pay between each other, but in fact there will be some gaps, but easy to be ignored at first.Especially after you fall in love with a person, you will not be stingy with your feelings, all of a sudden to the other party, but after a long time, you will become more and more stingy, at this time you will find that your love is not entirely her, maybe this is the most amazing part of love.Generally speaking, there are always two women in a man’s heart, and the second one is his favorite.It is believed that there is a perfect lover in everyone, especially in men. There must be a perfect woman in the young and crazy stage, but as we get older and mature, the definition of perfection will change.Although the imaginary love is particularly beautiful, but the reality is ultimately cruel, no one can do 100% perfect, there will always be some defects, so men also know that the perfect woman does not exist.Of course, even if there is no perfect woman, but this does not prevent men from imagining, even if they have a partner, years of getting along with each other has weakened the feelings between them, men will naturally be more yearning to meet a perfect woman.In fact, is not necessarily like and love, as we also aspire to be a person, or have others envy lives, but we still want to accept the status quo, and to like your present life, and down-to-earth, because you think everything is just imagine, the reality is the most cherished.To be honest with the woman he never leaves, when a man reaches a certain stage in his life, he will see the difference between reality and imagination, and realize that he may not be able to touch the imaginary world, so it is inevitable that he will have to return to real life.At this time, the man’s life situation may be very bad, but he still has a woman, even if the man is stupid, also should know who is their more should cherish the people, so the man around the woman will become his favorite person.Imagine again beautiful, but also arrived in the reality of a warm words, not to mention the woman never abandon it?She does not dislike the man’s life situation, but also gave him as always to accompany, the man will surely cherish such a woman.Visible, any man will eventually return to reality, and fall in love with the woman who has been accompanied in his side, this is the most real appearance of real life.Writing in the last years can witness a love, but also can push a love.Lived in everyone’s heart a perfect partner, but as the years went by, the wise man is to see the real life, so they began to cherish the present early real people, not imagine the perfect partner, and some silly people, live in the imagination, even eventually pay a heavy price.In this life, it is not easy to meet someone who is willing to accompany you as always. Don’t miss someone who loves you so much for fantasy. Only by firmly grasping the love in real life can you gain true happiness.