Why did Li Xunhuan hit it off with Alfy?

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Read the original friends find, when lee was the first to see teddy boy, like the impending, also invited him to join instead of on the carriage, but was declined teddy boy, but that is not angry, master li, instead more appreciate his later skater boy killed game-writing protocol double of the white snake, snake ZhuGeLei regard for face, raid teddy boy, be master li heaveho clearance,Therefore had Li Xunhuan and flying car chat, they two became a close friend.Li Xunhuan this rhythm is really too fast, then the question comes, why Li Xunhuan and ah Fei hit it off?Want to know them two actually gap still quite big, Li Xunhuan is walk all corners of the country veteran for many years, and a fei is just a young man, how can they have common language, and the relationship develops so fast?Just try to analyze it.As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. If two people can hit it off immediately, they must have something in common. Both sides have similar thoughts and behaviors.So what do Alfy and Li Xunhuan have in common?They were both lonely. Alfy was fresh out of school, had no friends, didn’t know anyone and did everything on his own.And although Li Xunhuan is mixed trace all corners of the country is old, the friend that can make friends with is not much however, dragon xiao cloud of only a good friend also is the generation of animal heart of human face, Li Xunhuan and his association are to see completely in at the beginning Dragon xiao cloud saves him one life, because this will tell fundamentally, two people are lonely, because this meets, fall to cherish each other.Li Xunhuan another two people are jealous of evil like enemy, A fei see blue blood double snake bully others at will, furious hands murder, and The chivalry of Li Xunhuan is known to all, the thing that makes a strong cause also happens from time to time, because this two people are consistent on the attitude to life.In this work, Alfy talks very little about his life history, even when he meets Li Xunhuan. However, from his sad and painful expression, we can see that he has been hurt a lot, otherwise he would not trust the beast.And Li Xunhuan needless to say, he experiences all vicissitudes of life, early see through life, the great chivalric that becomes famous on all corners of the country has a lot of it is bully name, eat a person not to spit bone, so-called eldest brother dragon xiao cloud also is not a good man, the lover that takes away oneself still puts one’s mind to harm him.Li Xunhuan third, a fei some of the advantages of Li Xunhuan very like, a Fei is a river’s lake, he was not contaminated by the vulgar river’s lake, according to their own ideas to live, at the same time he has high martial arts, these are very attractive places Li Xunhuan.He does not want to be so pure ah Fei is polluted by the bad habit gas of all corners of the country, because this takes the initiative to invite invite with its make friends with, make he continues to maintain beginner’s mind while not being hurt by others.