130,000 medical workers in Shanghai stick to their posts, exchanging “dedication” for “peace and happiness” for you and me

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During the Spring Festival holiday, more than 130,000 health workers in Shanghai worked in hospitals, isolation centers and on the front lines of disease control and prevention, taking strict and efficient measures to build a tight network of epidemic prevention and control, protecting the health of residents with meticulous services, and ensuring their happiness and well-being.The municipal Health commission urged the city’s health system to make all-out efforts to prevent and control the epidemic during the festival, conscientiously arrange medical services during the festival, strengthen emergency response and work safety, and ensure that citizens have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.During the festival, the city’s medical and health institutions operated in an overall smooth and orderly manner, and the medical and treatment services were in good order.Medical institutions have strengthened management of outpatient and emergency services, strengthened the allocation of technical personnel, rationally arranged medical staff, constantly optimized service procedures, and ensured comprehensive medical services.As of February 6, 131,800 medical personnel were on duty at public medical institutions in the city, providing outpatient and emergency services for 1,597,800 patients, 19,300 patients discharged from hospitals and 10,500 patients operated.120 Medical first aid workers race against time to save patients Interview Subjects (the same below) The city’s pre-hospital first aid system strengthened vehicle dispatching, rationally arranged personnel, equipment, medicine, to ensure timely departure.Whether in the field of daily first aid, in the epidemic prevention and control and fever transfer team, or in the ambulance of vaccination guarantee, they have all written their responsibilities with silent dedication.During the Spring Festival, the city’s medical emergency center dispatched 5,908 ambulances.During the holiday, Shanghai’s health hotline received 6,675 calls from citizens and handled 1,533 work orders for the “12345 hotline”.During the Spring Festival, the Municipal Health Commission coordinated the city’s high-quality medical resources to provide medical treatment for confirmed COVID-19 cases.The municipal Public Health Center constantly adjusted treatment measures to improve the comprehensive treatment level from mental health counseling, language translation services, special diet management, batch treatment capacity and other aspects.During the Spring Festival, the city reported no new local COVID-19 cases, 73 imported COVID-19 cases, and no new local COVID-19 cases.A total of 137 asymptomatic patients were discharged from hospital after recovery, and 10 asymptomatic patients were released from medical observation.In the face of the nucleic acid testing needs of citizens returning from Shanghai during the holidays, medical institutions have activated response plans, increased the equipment of sampling, testing and order maintenance, extended the nucleic acid testing service time, and added testing Windows to improve the nucleic acid sampling and testing capacity.During the festival, nucleic acid testing institutions in the city tested 1.816 million people.Vaccination is one of the most effective means of epidemic prevention and control.From January 31 to February 6, 2022, 19,800 doses of Novel coronavirus vaccine were administered in the city, including 12,200 doses of enhanced immunization.By February 6, the city had received 55.2707 million doses of vaccination, 23.625,800 people had been vaccinated, 22,367,600 people had been vaccinated, and 10,485,200 people had been vaccinated.Before the festival, the city’s health promotion center made arrangements in advance and planned carefully to provide health tips from various aspects such as Spring Festival shopping, road protection, festive parties, healthy work and rest, and return attention, etc., to promote and send the citizens invisible protective clothing through all media.On the first day of the Lunar New Year, 35 members of the seventh batch of nucleic acid sampling team of Huangpu District to support pudong Airport Customs set out on a journey to the first line of nucleic acid sampling of incoming personnel.The huangpu sampling team will stay at the airport for 35 days, which means they will spend Spring Festival and Lantern Festival at the airport.Photo shows: Personnel at nucleic acid sampling site stick to their posts. It was the Spring Festival when Hongkou District family doctor CAI Ruoxin took the initiative to join the medical support team at the site.Nearly 60 years old, he and young team members completed nucleic acid sampling, personnel transfer, medical waste treatment and other high-intensity support work;During the Spring Festival, the team on duty was informed that they needed to go to Jinshan to pick up the cured patients. Without saying a word, Dr. CAI put on protective equipment and successfully picked up the quarantined patients after more than three hours. He took off his protective clothing and was soaked to the skin.Xiao Dianrong, from Guanghua Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, has not been home for 4 years, and this Spring Festival remains in isolation.She works around the clock every day, but said, “When we receive letters of thanks from travelers, it makes all the effort worthwhile.”Nurse wang junwork from xuhui district jianguo hotel isolated points, 7 New Year’s eve, she greeted the first batch of closed-loop transfer from pudong airport to isolate personnel, after the daily routine nucleic acid detection, measuring temperature, ask a symptom, and docking with the community street workers eligible to health self-monitoring seven days closed loop transfer, February 1, has been busy to day in the morning.”We usually have meals on the spot, and New Year’s Eve is similar.”In fengxian district centralized isolation point, Qingcun community health service center Chen Cheng point long told reporters that some of the team just newly married, some just underwent surgery, and the two children at home lack of care, and her children are looking forward to the Spring Festival together.All of this, she said, seemed insignificant in the fight against the epidemic.They encourage each other and infect each other, interpreting the responsibility and mission of medical staff with responsibility.Lee, who was born in 1991 and worked at the Geriatric ward of The Sixth People’s Hospital, volunteered to support the nucleic acid testing center in August last year and has been working there ever since.She already has her own ideas about how to ensure that nucleic acid tests are carried out quickly and efficiently.Facing a large number of people waiting for inspection, Li hardly drinks water or goes to the toilet during working hours.”Can’t stop.”Even if again cold, in the heart again and again for their own pep up.She just wished she could sample faster, faster.Let her deeply touched is, now everyone’s cooperation degree is getting higher and higher.After sampling, many citizens said “thank you” to the interview nurse seriously.This sentence comes from the warm voice in the cold wind, is a force of unity and friendship.Photo: CDC laboratory staff “fully armed” nucleic acid testing while, as one of the “main forces” of epidemic prevention and control, the city and district CDC staff also stick to their posts.The flow control team is on duty 24 hours a day, and the epidemic prevention work will start immediately if there is any suspicious situation.The information coordination team is ready for immediate, accurate verification and timely personnel control.In the nucleic acid testing laboratory, the staff is “armed to the teeth”, scrupulously conducting nucleic acid samples testing.They are on call 24 hours a day just to “race” the virus.When we get together with our families, “angels in white” stick to their posts. This group of busy figures who do not return to the Spring Festival become a warm scenery during the festival.In the early morning of the second day of the lunar New Year, Zhang Jiaxu, a young doctor in the liver surgery department of Renji Hospital, received a call from the department that the organ of an organ donor from another place had been matched to a patient in Renji Hospital, and it was necessary to immediately send someone to assist in organ acquisition and transport.Newly married, he gave up his plans to accompany his wife back to her parents’ home, for the transport of donated human organs 1,400 kilometers across the “life express.”At 4.30 am, he hurried from his home to the hospital for the allocation of organ transport kits;At 7:40, carrying a 30 kg organ transfer bag, he took the first flight from Shanghai to the outside world.Arrive in the field at 9:50 and complete nucleic acid test at the airport;Assisted with liver acquisition at 10:30;Take the plane back to Shanghai at 12:30;At 15:00, he arrived at Renji Hospital with the donated liver to assist in the operation.The runaway liver was successfully transplanted into a patient with liver cancer.At 19:00, renji Hospital successfully completed the first liver transplant operation in the year of the Tiger.Just before the Spring Festival, Jin Jianhong, a post-1995 nurse at Shanghai Lung Hospital, received the news that her father had fallen from a height accidentally and suffered multiple fractures. Her mother was so upset that she hoped that she, a medical worker, could return home to take care of her father.Faced with her mother’s eager expectation, she was filled with guilt when she called her father. His voice came from the other end of the phone, saying, “If you have done your job well, you have taken the greatest care of me!”With the understanding and support of her father, she actively responded to the call of “not leaving Shanghai if it is not necessary” and resolutely chose to stick to her post.This is the third Spring Festival that she has not returned to her hometown of Wenzhou.Shen Yuehua, who is known as the “emergency old cow” by her colleagues, is an old nurse in her 50s in the Seventh People’s Hospital. She has been working in the emergency front line for three consecutive years as the chief of emergency duty.Unfortunately, her mother and daughter were sick at the same time, and there was no one at home to take care of them. The head nurse asked her to go back to take care of her family, but she said, “It would be better to take care of them after work. Now the department is short of staff and everyone is working hard.On the first day of the Lunar New Year, the medical staff of Shanghai Pudong Hospital medical Observation Area for Overseas Travelers prepared the Chinese character “Fu” and the Lucky buckle of the Year of the Tiger to send New Year’s greetings to the hospitalized patients.A couple of the hospital staff members were the first to open the door of the hospital during the initial stages of the pandemic, and a couple of the staff members from the hospital were Mr. Lee and Mr. LeeOn 13 January, she led another crew to launch her eighth round of containment work.Apart from the basic management and coordination work, Ms Li also takes part in the environmental disinfection, hospital room cleaning and sensory control supervision after the patients are discharged from the hospital. She would often be busy up to midnight and finish up the work with her colleagues who are back home from work.This is the first time for her to bid farewell to her family and participate in the fight against the virus since she missed the Spring Festival reunion in 2020.”As a medical worker and a Party member, I should take the lead in responding to the call to stay away from Shanghai during this Spring Festival.”Ge Libin, an attending general practitioner in Linyi, Shandong province, decided to stay in Shanghai for the Spring Festival. But considering that his wife, also a medical worker, had no one at home to take care of her, he moved his parents to Shanghai a year ago so that he could devote himself to medical care during the holiday.Yu Huanhuan, a nurse in charge at huangdu Community Health Service Center in Anting town, Jiading District, hubei province, said, “This Spring Festival, there are more than 50 elderly people in the ward who can’t go home, so I will stay here with them.The smell of the Spring Festival is the same.”Xinmin Evening News reporter Zuo Yan