Guangzhou metro Line 7 special train has been sent out trial customers are flooding in

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It is reported that the trial ride of Guangzhou Metro Line 7 has been carried out in full swing recently. Friends from all walks of life media and dear owners and customers have actively participated in this activity and jointly experienced the convenience of the opening of Line 7 to Guangzhou-Foshan City!At the same time, I really felt the incomparable joy of taking the first special train to witness this historic moment!The special test train for Metro Line 7 started at beijiao Park station at 1:00 PM on January 28th. As many as 300 customers participated in the activity. They were enthusiastic and actively participated in the activity.The routes are as follows: Beijiao Park station → Stop at Midea Avenue Station (stop for 10 minutes) → Stop at Chencun Station (stop for 10 minutes) → return to Beijiao Park.On January 7, 2022, the west Yanshunde section of The first phase of Guangzhou Metro Line 7 successfully passed the completion acceptance. This trial ride is to do a good job of testing to carry large passenger flow in the future. It is believed that the subway will not be far from the official operation.People who took the first bus of Guangzhou-Foshan Line 7, or were excited about their luck, took photos, videos to share or keep as a souvenir, and shared the unforgettable and exciting moment on wechat moments.Or sigh with emotion the convenience of the future life, thousands of hope hope to finally look forward to line 7 subway.VIP customers of this trial ride experience this exciting moment together, and can’t wait to share and taste the happy taste!”Good, very stable, later take the subway to Guangzhou, much faster than take the bus, do not have to transfer cheap!””Said an old man.”It will be convenient to travel to high-speed rail stations on business trips.”The white collar in suit touched the tie on his neck, and the children beside him shouted happily, “My father can come back to play with me every day.”It can be seen that the opening of Guangzhou-Foshan Line 7 will have an important impact on people, changing the way of travel, the pace of life, and increasing people’s happiness.Even better, live close to a subway stop.The beautiful Yunyue Jiangshan, only about 300 meters away from Guangfo Line 7, leaps into view and shows the ideal living style of the new era with excellent posture.Beautiful Yunyue Jiangshan, located in the core area of Beijiao, mature business district alcohol;Double subway, three city rail and more main road, city pulse smooth, convenient life.Beijiao is home to two of the world’s top 500 enterprises. It is a place for talents to aspire to and gather. It is of inestimable gold value and will turn the gears of regional economic development and promote the rapid development of commerce, education, infrastructure, landscape architecture and medical care.It can be seen that Beijiao is developing well and has high value potential. It is a place where talents are flooding in.Midea Yunyue Jiangshan male according to about 300 meters subway entrance (Midea Avenue station) to open pattern to shape a broader future will lead guangfo ideal habitat new highland!VIPLINE: 0757-2666 2999