Lose still keep hope!Chinese men’s national football team can meet three conditions to qualify, chasing goal difference is extremely difficult

2022-05-06 0 By

The Chinese men’s football team lost to Japan 0-2, and Li Xiaopeng failed to make a good start as a coach. For Chinese men’s football team, it is not a failure but a success.Plus this game, Yan Junling guard the door has been the opponent for the 13th hole, the lost ball dozens of twelve strong teams ranked the second from the bottom, Yan Junling lost the ball, The Chinese men’s football team is very hurt.However, China’s men’s football team has not completely said goodbye to the Qatar World Cup. Let’s take a look at the latest situation of China’s men’s football team qualifying.Currently China brigade 5 points, if Chinese football next three wins, most will come to 14 points, and at present, Japan and Saudi Arabia has led China out of the previous two, China only for three hard, to strive a chance outside the qualification, but Chinese football needs to satisfy three conditions: 1, the row, and win back to Australia;2. Oman has drawn or lost at least one game;Australia lost the next three games!But the crux of the matter is that Australia’s goal difference is currently +9, while China’s is -6, even if China wins three consecutive games and Australia loses three in a row, the goal difference alone will almost crush the National team.Australia’s next three matches are: Oman, Saudi Arabia, Japan;The next three matches of Chinese men’s football are: Vietnam, Oman, Saudi Arabia;If The Chinese men’s national football team wins all the games while Australia loses all the games, in fact, the Chinese men’s national football team is not without a chance. The key problem is that The Chinese national football team is 15 goals behind at present, and it is difficult to chase five goals in every game. Besides, Australia only needs a draw to easily send the National football team out.Australia are also close to Japan and Saudi Arabia ahead of them, and remain favourites to qualify directly for the World Cup.Though still retain Chinese football through the play-offs to enter the World Cup, but even if the poor state of Australia, but if really want to pick up the slack, Chinese football must be in the next match against power general Vietnam swiping a goal difference, narrow the gap between goal difference from that in Australia, paper has no meaning, as long as the Chinese football lose,It will be time to prepare for the 2023 Asian Cup and the next World Cup.