Luodian: Multiple departments will jointly carry out the publicity activities of “March 15” Consumer Rights Protection Day in 2022

2022-05-06 0 By

In order to expand the influence of consumer rights protection, improve the awareness of consumer rights protection and create a healthy consumer environment, on March 12, Luodian County Market Supervision Administration and Luodian County Consumer Association led the joint promotion of consumer fairness — luodian County 2022 “March 15” Consumer rights Protection Day publicity activities in the farmers’ market.Campaign site activity site, luodian market supervision and administration, luodian consumer association, the branch of China mobile luodian, luodian tobacco monopoly bureau and other units through the hanging banners, Posting propaganda slogan, form, extensive publicity to prevent consumer traps, Internet fraud and identify false health care products such as illegal marketing activities.At the same time, the site to distribute publicity materials and show fake and shoddy goods to the public, to provide real and fake goods identification services, so as to popularize consumer rights protection knowledge to the public from multiple angles.”It is our duty to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. In future market supervision, we will crack down on illegal activities, maintain market order and ensure fair consumption.”Luodian County market supervision administration Fu Chunqiong told reporters.Staff issued leaflets to the public through the launch of this activity, enhance the majority of consumers to protect their rights and the ability to detect false false, improve the majority of the people to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers consciousness, to create a harmonious consumer environment.”I happened to pass by today and listened to the propaganda, so I have more understanding of consumer rights, which should be very helpful for the future life.”Luodian citizen Liu Yongjian told reporters.On the same day, the Market supervision Administration of Luodian County also inspected all kinds of electrical products, oil and food, cooked food, lettuce and so on in Yonghui Supermarket.It is understood that this activity has sent publicity, law enforcement officers 35 person-times, issued more than 2000 copies of leaflets, on-site acceptance of consultation more than 200 person-times, played a very good publicity effect.