Sanjiazi Village, Baiqi Town

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In the morning, a red sun awakens those who have slept all night.The red sky illuminates the sky, the stars fade, the moon disappears, and the rooster crows, a new day begins.The sky was dyed blood red by the rising sun, the peach clouds reflected in the river, the whole river turned purple, the horizon as if on fire.The fire of the sun according to time and new, spring, an hour in the morning is worth two in the evening, when this early spring morning, the sun is trying to send out light, people on the earth should struggle, in the dream for the horse, not long, listen to the calls from dream in the heart, in jiang hongxia diffuse color, sunshine road ahead and the future.When the clouds dispersed, the sun on the dome, the river is a bright road.Editor | Gong Chang sun Likun Responsible Editor | Wang Ying Photography | Liu Zhihong submission email |