Song Ming: Effective use of discipline inspection and supervision suggestions to promote the treatment of both symptoms and root causes

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Li prison for disciplinary committee give full play to the discipline inspection advice active, flexible and applicable range of advantages, printed and distributed to the li prison for disciplinary committee for discipline inspection of the proposal, the supervisory proposal use measures (trial) “, further standardize the use of “two books”, completes the review investigation of “the second half of the article”, to carry out the comprehensive governing party responsibility main body,Through the “small incision” of recommendations on discipline inspection and supervision, we have promoted the formation of an overall pattern that addresses both symptoms and root causes.In 2021, a total of 16 disciplinary and supervisory recommendations were issued to relevant units, urging them to rectify 33 problems and formulate rules and regulations for 18. The SPC continued to make in-depth and detailed decisions to promote reform and treatment.Focus on appropriate medicine to ensure accurate advice.In accordance with the party constitution and inspect their performance of supervision function, county commission for discipline inspection of the prison for XinFangJian survey, the inspector and case investigation found problems in the process of precise temperature, in-depth analysis of the reason, put forward the improvement opinion and targeted advice or recommendations for discipline inspection, make supervision object place unit to find the root cause, corrective actions,We will ensure that suggestions on discipline inspection and supervision are fully implemented.Focus on “looking back” to improve the effectiveness of suggestions.County commission for discipline inspection of the prison by the discipline inspection and supervision proposal proposal as one of the important ways to promote and symptoms, and strengthen supervision and check again, the proposal of proposal for discipline inspection and supervision to launch “look back” rectification work, rectification of tracking control was proposed unit, taking into account the year-end party rectification of the cultivation of clean government accountability assessment,”Idling” of responsibility, rectification “pattern”, to carry out the “discount” serious after asked, what really makes proposals for discipline inspection and supervision of the proposal as “illnesses uprooted” “good medicine”, push the responsibility unit will regulatory responsibility compaction compaction, maintenance proposal for discipline inspection and supervision seriousness and authority of the proposal.Efforts should be made to consolidate the recommendations on prevention and control.Combined with the problems found, by the proposed responsible unit to point with the surface to promote the county at all levels of the departments control typical cases of self-inspection, rectification of similar problems and hidden dangers, tie the integrity risk prevention and control system “iron fence”, weave the dense style of construction of the “protection net”, to “investigate one, one suggestion, improve a number of” effect.Such as the county bus according to the requirements of the supervisory proposal put forward rectification, the scope of the county to carry out the clean-up vehicles irregularities, require the county-wide exchange with various departments at all levels, to borrow, self-inspection of take up unit vehicle problem, comprehensive and timely corrective, build system of related situation report, from the finest point to ensure orderly public transport management specification.”We should take the promotion of solving problems, improving work and perfecting systems as the starting point and foothold of making suggestions, and strive to achieve the effect of issuing a proposal, solving a batch of problems and improving a batch of systems.”County discipline inspection commission supervision commission concerned person in charge said.Source: Kunming Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), Kunming Municipal Commission for Supervision (CCDI), Edited by: Yang Rui (CCDI), Zhou Xiaoxue (CCDI), Zhou Jianjun (CCDI) Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: