The rumor ended with Uncle Xu welcoming Li Lv and aunt fans announcing good news!

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Wrong in life related events from yao in March 2020, get sick, so as to find out with Xu Ma yao’s father began his own, it’s been nearly two years of time, from the beginning when endeavoured the buzz and fuss, now two families in court on the online roared, between two parties not only, even the relatives of the parties,Even many people on both sides of the Internet have seen their lives changed dramatically, even dramatically.In Xu Ma supporters, the earliest and very firm support for her to have her own brother xu uncle, the uncle xu backed his younger sister, pay a lot, even at the beginning of in 2022, his daughter also unfortunately died, and then uncle xu tweeting admits it is associated with 28, so some netizens’ blood moving and too.And after uncle xu sound, he was immersed in pain, but once again, be used to attack others field girl even Xu Ma excuse, there are big niang fans Xu Ma fans, maybe different people have different cognitive, different ideas and hope, but for the fans, or help to find the truth, reason or entertainment to eat melon,The so-called clean officials are difficult to decide housework, keep the boundaries to see more clearly, in order to let the situation develop well!Many die-hard matter, let many people suspect that uncle xu and really had a bad blood between Xu Ma, and on February 18, Xu Ma acting lawyer li very high-profile obtained in henan, and uncle xu go to pick up a new, two people take a long time not meet smile, holding hands, such scenes moment truth to the rumors,Uncle Xu was also a good brother who firmly supported Her.As for Li Lv’s arrival at KF, Xu Ma on the other side has also arrived, many netizens who support Xu Ma think this is a very good signal, it should be possible to further promote the case, to step into the next procedure!But at the same time, her fans are also cheering for her, and they are also releasing good news, with some fans saying that her day will soon break, within a month.We don’t know if the fan got any news of the lady ahead of time, but it’s probably good news that the civil part is over.But the last sentence let everyone stop shooting, also really somewhat interesting, it is not clear that the shooting of the matter often why.As for the big niang’s day is not really to bright, according to the big niang’s own argument, he did not steal the child and did not do false card, tea uncle before not also said not to file a case, since so how to big niang’s day to bright, big niang’s day should not have been bright!But the aunt who can not find the source of documents, inconsistent, if the aunt does not say these things clear, afraid is the aunt’s day has been bright, because the truth is only one, lies always to be exposed, the world is the vicissitudes of life!Eat melon see melon talk melon, this is a series, like friends point a small rocket bar!I wish you all a whizzy career, thank you very much!Little bear said that his parents are true love, and his aunt said that Xikuan is not a substitute. Netizen: A family of true love aunt climbed the jiuzhong building in life, to start a school?Net friend: bless aunt unified river’s lake