A 67-year-old woman accidentally became pregnant, but her 40-year-old daughter was told to break off the relationship despite attempts to dissuade her

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Ms. Tian and Mr. Huang in Shandong Zaozhuang a obstetrics and gynecology hospital at the door, a white-haired grandfather anxiously waiting, around him several young men and women, the face is unusually heavy.Passers-by would have thought he was waiting for his daughter to give birth, but the man, surnamed Huang, was in the delivery room with his 67-year-old wife, A woman surnamed Tian.We’re under the impression that women typically give birth at age 35 or older, and by 50, most women will have gone through menopause.So women are basically infertile after 60, and the fact that Tian is still pregnant at the age of 67 is a medical miracle.Ms. Tian and Ms. Tian although successfully through the pregnancy, but because of old age, when the birth of qi deficiency fatigue, completely make no strength, the birth canal muscle relaxation, for the safety of Ms. Tian mother and child, the hospital to caesarean section.After more than an hour of surgery, Tian gave birth to a daughter. She lay in a hospital bed, drugged and unconscious, and was transferred to the ICU due to weak breathing.The daughter is only five pounds, the hospital suggested that the first observation in the asepsis room for a period of time and then out, Mr. Huang was full of joy through the asepsis ward window glass looking at the newborn daughter, eyes full of tenderness.He meant it was a gift from Heaven to the couple, and he decided to name the daughter Godsend.However, some people are happy and some people are sad. Huang’s daughter is disgusted with her mother’s late childbirth and has not even come to visit her at the hospital.The daughter once called them immoral and shameless in front of her parents, and even threatened to break off relations with them.Daughter think so, also have her difficulties, after all, parents more than 60, suddenly gave birth to a child, spread to be discussed by the neighborhood.Huang had to take care of his wife and newborn daughter by himself. As early as a month ago, he bought enough milk powder, diapers, bottles and bassinets.His wife was old and had no milk after giving birth. Mr. Huang soaked milk powder and changed diapers for his daughter himself every day.After his wife was transferred from the ICU to the general ward, he still needed to be hospitalized for observation for a period of time. During this time, Mr. Huang took good care of his wife.Huang even planned to buy a fold-out bed to put in the ward and stay in the hospital at night to care for his wife and daughter, but several relatives of Huang, worried that his health could not hold up, rushed to take care of him.Several of Huang’s younger relatives, who care for the elderly out of concern, have mixed feelings about why they want to have a child at such an old age.In fact, the arrival of the child for Mr. Huang and Ms. Tian, initially was also a surprise.People of a certain age are traditionally expected to stay away from sex.But in fact, the elderly are also human, they also have normal physiological needs, but most people in old age due to the decline of physical function, the cold relationship, they are forced to suppress normal physiological needs.But Ms. Tian and Mr. Huang are very close, and they spend a lot of time together. For them, the intimacy is the icing on the cake of married life.And Ms. Tian is a gynecologist before, nursing experience is very rich, usually also often exercise, love health, she knows for women, good ovarian care can delay aging.Therefore, she keeps her body in a relatively young state by adjusting her daily work and rest, improving her diet and taking health medicine and tea reasonably. When her peers are menopausal, her menstruation can still come on time.However, about half a year ago, Ms. Tian suddenly found that her lower abdomen was distended, her spirits were not very good, and the most important thing was that her menstruation could not come. At first, she thought it was qi and blood blockage, so she went to prescribe some Traditional Chinese medicine to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis.But a month later, she began to vomit frequently and lost her appetite. Tian, a gynecologist, was surprised: “Is she pregnant?”Ms. Tian she rushed to the hospital to do a detailed examination, and found that it was pregnant, Ms. Tian made a difficult, at this time her son, daughter has married children, this pregnancy is very difficult for her to do.She had planned to go to the hospital to abort the baby, but Huang was overjoyed to learn that Tian was pregnant and urged her to keep the baby.He said: “this child is also a life, since god let this child into our family, is a fate, to abort the child is really too poor.”Ms. Tian thought Mr. Huang said also makes sense, she is also very like children, and she went to the hospital to do B ultrasound, found that the child in the stomach can hear the fetal heart, listening to the child’s heartbeat, she can not be cruel to the child off.So Mr. Huang and Ms. Tian reached an agreement, the child was born to raise, Mr. Huang very love the child, he took care of the family, large and small housework, washing, cooking, cleaning every day, don’t let Ms. Tian a little tired.But after all, Ms. Tian is old, and her physical strength declines rapidly compared to when she was young. Hormones rise in her body during pregnancy, and she suffers from pregnancy vomiting and even has a sense of smell disorder. She often smells what food is smelly and can’t eat anything.In addition to the discomfort, Tian also faced criticism from the outside world. Originally, Tian and Huang agreed that her pregnancy would be kept to themselves and the less people knew about it, the better. They didn’t even tell their daughter at first.Five months into her pregnancy, Tian’s belly began to show signs of pregnancy, and every time Huang took Her to the maternity clinic, she was inevitably surrounded by people.After all, women in their 20s and 30s were all around for the check-up, and Only Ms. Tian was a gray-haired grandmother in her 60s.People around looked at them with strange eyes and whispered back to them. Ms. Tian sometimes heard people saying, “Why are the old couple having children at such an age?You’re not doing it for someone else, are you?”Every time Ms. Tian heard others whispering about themselves, Ms. Tian was ashamed, anxious to find a hole in the ground to drill.Do prenatal doctor for Ms. Tian is also can’t understand the choice of Ms. Tian, he more than once told Ms. Tian: “you so big age, there is certainly a risk of pregnancy, such as your uterus wall certainly less resilient than when young, that you are in the late one thousand fetal development too fast, you easy to withstand the wall of the uterus.””In all my years as an obstetrician and gynecologist, I have only seen a family whose only child has been lost, a very old couple who come to save the fetus. You already have a child, so really think about whether you want to keep the child.”But despite doctors’ advice, Tian and Huang were determined to have the baby.”The baby was in my stomach for a few months and I really couldn’t bear to take it off,” Tian recalled. “I could feel the baby moving in my stomach every night. It was wonderful.”Ms. Tian and Mr. Huang can ignore outsiders’ incomprehension, but it is the incomprehension of their closest family members that still confuses them.At first, they didn’t tell their daughter that Tian was pregnant, but later, Tian’s daughter probably heard rumors from people she knew in the neighborhood.She hurried home to check the situation, and when she came back, she saw her old mother with a big belly. Her daughter collapsed at that time, her eyes were black and she almost fainted.Ms. Tian’s daughter finally calmed down and asked her parents, “At that age, what kind of trouble are you making?What do people think of us when old people have babies?Shall we not be poked in the back by our neighbors?”Obstetrics and gynecology inside “say again, you so old age, I say a word of bad luck, in case you two old which day give up hand didn’t, leave so small a child who keep?””You can’t rely on me to send your old people to the end, I will pull your old people left a small child?My daughter went to junior high school, is spending money, my home mortgage did not finish, I work every day to earn some money, I how to give you the time to raise children?”Hearing his daughter’s incessant complaints, Huang was also a little angry. He frowned and said: “We live and support ourselves. Our monthly pension is more than 10,000 yuan.You don’t have to worry about it.””And we are in good health. We exercise for half an hour every day. We are not ill or ill.Hearing her father’s stubbornness, Huang’s daughter became even more angry. Unable to control her emotions, she stood up and stamped her foot, saying, “Will our family be a human being if it gets out?You only think about yourself. I don’t care. If mom has this baby, I will disown you.”Daughter put down this cruel words, out of the house, don’t take the initiative to contact with their parents, Ms. Tian was hurt by her daughter’s move, her tears dance, can not help but cover his face cry.And Mr. Huang is also very distressed, gently patted Ms. Tian’s back to comfort her.Unconsciously, they recalled the time when they had known each other.It is said that the child is the crystallization of love, Mr. Huang and Ms. Tian so reluctant to give up the child, in fact, because the child is the loved one’s flesh and blood.Ms. Tian and Mr. Huang, who worked as a maternity inspector, grew up in the 1960s, when young men and women relied mainly on their parents to decide on marriage.But Mr. Huang and Ms. Tian are free to fall in love, they fell in love at first sight, study together, encourage each other, in that era became a rare college students, Mr. Huang is studying law, Ms. Tian studies medicine, after graduation, Mr. Huang entered a law firm internship, Ms. Tian entered the hospital work.After their careers settled down, they got married. Over the past 40 years, they have had a son and a daughter, and have raised their children. Their oldest granddaughter is now 14.All say marriage is the tomb of love, but in the marriage of these two people, still can see the sweetness of love, two people get along very harmonious, not how red face quarreled, birthday, wedding anniversary will give gifts to each other.Pregnancy two people in the community can be described as a model husband and wife, envy evil spirit others.However, Mr. Huang always regretted that his previous work in the law firm was very busy, and Ms. Tian liked to travel, but he seldom had time to accompany Ms. Tian to travel.When the children grew up and married, Huang and Tian finally retired and had plenty of time to themselves.Mr. Huang often takes Ms. Tian out for a self-driving trip. The two of them don’t have to go too far to drive their car. They just go around and catch fish, which is also very comfortable.Delivery room but did not expect to be in retirement age, a child unexpectedly fell from the sky, came to the belly of Ms. Tian, in order to leave this child, Ms. Tian ate a lot of pain, pregnancy fetal heart instability, hit a lot of fetal needle.When giving birth, and because physical strength is not enough to be forced to caesarean section, fortunately finally gave birth to a daughter Tianci, mother and daughter peace.Mr. Huang is busy, has been in the hospital to take care of Ms. Tian mother and daughter, Ms. Tian gave birth to no appetite to eat, Mr. Huang will give her a variety of food.After Tian’s condition stabilized, Huang took the mother and daughter home.Back home, Mr. Huang still let Ms. Tian rest in bed, taking care of the child is mostly his responsibility.And daughter tianci due to the lack of mother’s milk, need to feed milk powder, Mr Huang bought the best milk powder, every three hours to feed once.But what did not think of is, small divine gift begins to grow eczema on the body later, the skin is red itchy, still always vomit milk loose bowels, Mr Huang was nasty hurriedly take daughter to see a doctor.After the examination, I knew that the original small tianci is some allergy caused by milk intolerance, and the milk powder is an allergen, the doctor let Mr. Huang go back to feed small tianci hydrolyzed milk powder.Outside the delivery room, little Tianci’s body is still weak, often crying in the middle of the night, fever and cold are very common, which can be exhausted Mr. Huang, he in order to take care of little Tianci, often up in the middle of the night to feed the child.Small day gift just six months old, Mr. Huang was thin 7 catties, face obviously sag go down, even figure rickets triply.And Ms. Tian also has more obvious postpartum sequelae, her rectus abdominis flabby, regular leakage of urine, but also hair loss, listless, back pain.These two people in order to give birth and take good care of small gift it may be said is to pay too much, and their physical condition also spread to their daughter there, the daughter yuxinxin, did not lead long to mom and dad found a gold medal month sister-in-law, take back to take care of the child.Mr. Huang’s daughter also often came to help clean the house and coax little Tianci, one after another, she was slowly able to forgive, began to accept this younger sister 40 years.News of Tian giving birth at the age of 67 quickly topped the list of top searches, with thousands of people curious about the old couple’s family.At the time, many people online speculated that the couple might have conceived at an early age to have a son. Others speculated that they were just putting on a show to attract attention. Many others said they were selfish and irresponsible, and their children would have to take care of the baby.Huang even had a vlogger come into his community with a mobile phone to interview his family and ask them why they were pregnant at their advanced age.Usually, Mr. Huang pushed his daughter in a stroller to go out to bask in the sun, and some malicious people took out their mobile phones to shoot at them, and also came up to ask questions.Overwhelmed, Huang commissioned his daughter to post a statement on social media, asking people not to disturb their lives because of curiosity.After a few months, Mr. Huang and Ms. Tian, Ms. Tian’s fever has almost dropped, and the family can finally return to a peaceful life.However, the huge age gap between them and their daughter still caused embarrassment, such as pushing their children out together and meeting people who thought they were her grandparents.Huang imagines that when his daughter goes to primary school, the old couple will be treated as grandparents. He wonders if his daughter will be able to accept two gray-haired parents.There must be a big generation gap between you. If you can’t communicate with each other, and you don’t know the current education situation, how can you help her study in the future?”But since all gave birth to this child, must be responsible for her to the end, Mr. Huang also plans to rehire to do some part-time jobs, each month to earn more money, save for her daughter, as a safeguard.Mr. Huang and Ms. Tian looked at the baby sleeping, or feel very happy, this is the crystallization of their love, they want to use all their strength, care for the child grow up.Mr. Huang,