From “Double Pupil” to “Crying”, a brief discussion on the evolution history of Taiwan horror film, carefully into

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Son not language strange force disorderly god, not do not believe also, worship god and far.At the end of the 1970s, Taiwan and Hong Kong witnessed an unprecedented horror film blowout.High-quality horror films such as Ghost Eyes, Life, Head Down and Ghosts of the Ancient Mirror emerged one after another.In the 1980s and 1990s, a series of zombie films such as Mr. Zombie by Lin Zhengying were born, as well as many classic works such as Evil, Corpse House, Old Man in mountain Village and Yin-yang Road series.But with 1997 regression step, Hong Kong film decline.Big head in the past has become a dying old man, and the mainland’s film production is also hampered by policy.Thus, the burden of reviving Chinese horror films naturally falls on our treasure island of Taiwan.In October 2002, the film Double Pupil, directed by Chan Kwok-fu and starring Tony Leung ka-fai, was released in Taiwan.It went on to become the no. 1 film of the year and broke the box-office record for Taiwan’s horror films, ending the monopoly of Hollywood horror films.In doing so, Double Pupil ushered in a new era of Chinese horror films.The film combines traditional Chinese culture, family ethics, urban crime and thriller.Five prison trial, building Taoist temple, soldier solution immortal, six reincarnation, shaoyang Taiyin and other Taoist elements were also played incisively and vividly by the director.The introduction of religious themes makes Double Pupils feel like seven Deadly SINS, and Chen Guofu does not clearly express his position on the contradiction between divinity and humanity.At the end, Xie Yali successfully becomes immortal with the help of huang Huo earth, which makes the whole film more interesting.The success of Double Pupil was partly due to its own excellence, and partly due to its perfect fit with the disunity of Taiwanese society at the time.Hong Kong returned to China in 1997 and Macao returned to China in 1999.However, Taiwan, which belongs to the same cultural root system, fell into an isolated quagmire.The gap between tradition and modernity, the progress of high technology leads to the loss of truth, the blind obedience of faith, and the crowd becomes confused and anxious, just like the corrupt policeman playing karaoke in the police station.The subsequent massacre in the Taoist temple is more evidence of this phenomenon, the contempt for the enemy, so that the just law enforcement at this moment become fish on the chopping block, cut and killed.The firearm becomes powerless, the sword becomes fear.Thriller continues: With Double Pupil following in the footsteps, Taiwan’s horror films seem to have found their way.Then, in 2006, the horror film Booby Trap was released to critical acclaim and awards.Co-produced in Taiwan and Japan, the film was written and directed by Pupil writer Su Chao-bin and stars Chang Chen, Chen Bolin, Jiang Kou Yangjie and Kalia Lam.The story tells the story of a scientific ghost hunting group, trying to use the invention of the “Mengjie sponge” to catch ghosts, by absorbing energy to form anti-gravity, change the state of human limited gravity.It took them three years to capture and study the ghost of a young boy.And as the research is thorough, the public of the group begins to die mysteriously however, the thing also cannot reverse gradually out of control……What’s great about the movie is that the script tends to be perfect and almost everything is self-explanatory.A large number of scientific elements are laid out and the characters’ emotions are interwoven, which makes Paradoxes higher than Double Pupil to some extent.Of course, the movie is no less scary, the atmosphere is very scary, and some of the scary scenes are cleverly designed.Su zhaobin proved himself again, telling the audience that “a good horror film should not only be scary, but also touching.”Unfortunately, high-quality horror films like Double Pupil and Strange Thread are in the minority.Su zhaobin then moved on to the martial arts drama “Rain of Swords,” while Chen settled down as a producer before directing “The Message” in 2009.Therefore, in the following nearly 10 years, Taiwan horror film has not turned what big waves.Around 2015, the emergence of a number of new directors suddenly changed the long-dormant Horror film industry in Taiwan.In 2015 and 2016, several popular films, such as Corpse Memory, The Little Girl in Red and The Tenant downstairs, have revived the Horror film market in Taiwan.In Corpse Memory, the female director Xie Tinghan is the first to take the lead. Corpse Memory, which focuses on the folk theme of ghost marriage, has won many fans’ praise.Double narrative, Chinese elements, Japanese horror.Although the rhythm is slow, but fortunately the music, light and shadow are very colorful, scary atmosphere increased.Ancient houses in the mountains and strange dreams, red lanterns, red caps and other images are shocking and unusual.Parts of the story are hard to follow, but the story as a whole is full and cleverly detailed enough to be a masterpiece.But “The Little Girl in Red,” released the same year, wasn’t as surprising.The film is adapted from the 1998 sensational Taiwan “little girl in red spirit incident”, directed by Cheng Weihao, Xu Weining starring.The story borrows by the spirit of forest grudge hook outstanding popular feeling demon, fetching into the mountain, birth gives a series of strange and bizarre missing event thereby.Film to create a good sense of Japanese horror, photographic composition and color are standard, desktop style is significant.Unfortunately, due to the limitations of Jump Scare, the vivid special effects of ghosts are cheap, and the surprising paragraphs are relatively rigid.In 2017, the sequel The Little Girl in Red 2 solved the problem.In this film, the local folk culture and the horror theme are fused with great success, and the off-screen real events are smoothly embedded into the story structure.The exquisite folk traditions such as shidai ritual spells, tiger gods, rituals and sacrifices provide a reasonable explanation for the whole supernatural story in terms of background and details.Thus, the fear has its source and the horror is justified.However, in addition to ghosts, the film’s representation of humanity is also worth mentioning.Three mothers, three different tragic life, opened the shell of terror, hidden inside is a social family relationship wound.The whole film, in fact, is to show various contradictions between people through the “little girl in red”, through the means of “terror”, to repair the rift of human feelings.Thanks to this, the Little Girl in Red 2 became the highest-grossing horror film in Taiwan after Double Pupil, earning more than 100 million yuan at the box office and topping the local box office that year.The development of Taiwan horror film seems to be a wavy curve.After “The Little Girl in Red 2” set off a hot topic in 2017, Taiwan horror film did not strike while the iron is hot, but returned to calm.The cold rain was unexpected, and a brief boom was ushered in by four years of silence.Until 2021, “Cry sad” appeared, become the biggest surprise in the whole Chinese horror film circle.This film is directed by Canadian director Jia Yu Ting, Zhu Xuan Yang, Wang Ziqiang starring.Tells the story of a new virus spread around the world, infected people will be reminded of the dark heart, become bloodthirsty brutality.The movie wasted no effort on the plot, nothing more than the hero saves his girlfriend, under the slaughter to escape the story of heaven, character dialogue is not much.So the focus is on the gory scenes, full of dismembered limbs, buttonholes, flesh-tearing, bowel dismemberment, and many more disgusting close-ups.The film is an absolute peak of Asian gory cinema, with its breathtaking scale and realistic plasma effects.The purpose is to render an extreme violence and malice, disgusting for the sake of disgust.In terms of genre, Cry For Tears is not a traditional horror film, but more of a cult hit like The Sewer Mermaid, Sense World and Planet Of Horrors.This is not for everyone, so watch with caution.Despite the polarizing reviews, the film’s successful theatrical release is a real shot in the arm for Taiwan’s moribund horror genre.Thanks to The film, Taiwan saw another wave of horror movies in the following period.High quality trailers for the First Seven, Curse and The Bad Omen are off the charts.Moreover, the core themes of these films are back to the folk legends that Taiwanese filmmakers are good at, so they should not perform badly.From 2002 to 2022, Taiwan horror film has made new attempts and progress in 20 years.As the last hot land of Chinese horror film, Taiwan horror film has always maintained its good vitality despite the cold and low tide.”Two Eyes” became a classic 20 years ago, and “Sad” became a milestone 20 years later.The islands on the other side of the ocean, are slowly progressing in constant exploration, may not produce much, but good in their bones is sincere.The respect for “horror” makes Taiwan horror film become the last hope of Chinese horror film.