Pinduoduo stores without sources of goods, refined operation methods

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Hello everyone, I am Teacher Qi, a pinduoduo store group operator!With the rapid development of the Internet, the dividends of traditional e-commerce are slowly disappearing, while social e-commerce is rising and becoming a new outlet.Similarly, in the fierce collision of e-commerce models, there will always be projects suitable for people to make money.However, it is very important to choose the direction of entrepreneurship. There are many people starting businesses now. Whether it is micro-entrepreneurship or reinvestment, it is necessary to have a standard direction and then make efforts.However, the same effort, but there will always be a gap, luck accounted for part of the effort accounted for part of the choice.Grasp the trend is very important, every step is very critical, so we should try to do something certain, as long as a little bit better will harvest full.First, what is no source store group?1. As the name implies, the model of non-sourcing stores means that we collect popular products from the whole network, raise prices reasonably and upload them to our stores for sale.But there is no need to stockpile goods, no need to find logistics, buyers in our store after the order, we go to the source shop orders, the source shop directly for us to deliver goods, so as to achieve no stockpile, no pressure goods, no need to find logistics.In fact, it is relatively simple to open a shop, mainly to choose a good category, because the category determines the selection, a good category is the basis of success, there is another is the selection, to learn to according to the market demand, seasonal, advantage of the larger goods, to targeted operation.2. Store group is to set up multiple stores, collect goods from the whole e-commerce platform, and continuously upload products in pinduoduo stores in batches through certain selection methods, so as to increase the probability of popular products and earn price differences and commission on the platform.Through the operation of multiple stores, bulk goods form a commodity matrix, rely on the store group to earn a huge search flow, to achieve the single effect.The advantage of the game is that we do not need to have their own supply, to solve many businesses want to do e-commerce, but because there is no supply of goods and logistics delivery and so on.Of course, we must do a good job in the details of the work, some technology needs their own constant groping.The following details optimization start, detonate shop traffic!One, the selection of goods without source shop group, neither brush single, also do not drive, do not hoard.Whether a product is liked by the public can be determined from the collection and purchase rate. A straightforward example is that leopard print is popular now, but you choose to sell zebra print. If this product has no market, it will be useless even if you spend millions to burn your car!Two, pricing about how to price, some people are very casual, the purchase price increases 3-5 pieces is good, and some people have to spend half a day to price, consider the source of goods, profit and other factors.We should pay attention to one point, not all consumers are greedy for small and cheap, now people pay more attention to the quality, we should do is to highlight the advantages and selling points of products, rather than blindly play a price war, otherwise it will only hurt both!Three, flow shop if only a few tens of hundreds of visitors each day, it is difficult to maintain the stability of the high conversion rate, no traffic, no clinch a deal, that speak to us together without a lot of supply of goods store group, unlike traditional constructions, as long as we are operating properly, basically can be thousands of visitors every day, our own stores is proof of that.Four, fine fine operation, need in the whole process of our business, each link, with the shop operation always.Elaborating operation, how should the following with you under the simple said: reduce the number of goods store shelves, the early stage of the new shop we must be in loading, but not on the more goods the better, sometimes we will find more products, shops instead of traffic is not very good, that is always the more goods, the lower the rate of pin, traffic will be less and less.With more products, the risk of violation will also increase. It is ok to simplify the products.Reduce category collection, when a store shelves goods must distinguish between the categories of products, do not make their own store into a grocery store, the store has no center of gravity, the system will not naturally assign you flow.Clean up the products with no traffic. After each store puts the products on the shelves, there must be no products with traffic visitors. After ten days and half months, no customers pay attention to and browse this product, we can take it off the shelves and find new products to replace it.On the shelves of goods: there are a lot of early to upload, you can use the goods software.Each store uploads 500-600 new items every day.Good post shelf 50-100 goods every day!Product optimization: Pinduoduo stores need to be optimized every day.Through data analysis, we can constantly clean up zombie products and upload new products, so as to improve the profits of the store.Purchase of goods: after the buyer orders, according to the buyer’s purchase situation to the previous purchase, leaving the buyer’s address, waiting for the buyer to receive the goods.This process can be done manually or using daigou software.Customer service after sales: customer service online every day, or set automatic reply, improve the response rate of customer service.When the goods have problems, timely feedback the buyer’s requirements to the previous, do a good job of after-sales work.It is not a new thing, but it is controlled by a few people to make a fortune. Ten years ago, Taobao had no source of goods, and many small studios operated 20 or 30 stores without source of goods, and the annual income could easily exceed one million!But with the improvement of the rules of taobao, taobao has no supply of goods need to technology and the cost of energy is higher and higher, taobao is no longer suitable for individual sellers do not supply, and a lot of spelling now take industry leader position with taobao, such fierce competition, so the spell is easing of policy and system, and give support to new store is also very to force, it is a good dividend period!It can be said that today’s fight a lot of no supply is 10 years ago taobao!Editor: xxck8862