Regret not?Kane, who has been offered four times but not been able to get it, has turned City’s all-time champion into a junk

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The 2020/21 Champions League final saw Manchester City miss out on the St Boyd’s Cup after losing to Chelsea as favourites.Blue Moon’s first trip to the Champions League final yielded nothing but soreness and bitterness.England failed to lift the Delaune Cup after being beaten on penalties by a depleted and depleted Italy in the Euro 2020 final.The Three Lions’ first trip to a European Cup final left nothing but heartbreak and tears.Guardiola and Kane, the protagonists of the two runners-up teams, got together last summer after the final ended in failure.Pep guardiola has no front array need a striker to achieve transformation sublimation, Kane needs a higher platform to realize self, although guardiola brilliant career is not to use the center, but like Cain organization, coordination, and can put an end to the ball, all-round game, for he will be the last piece of the puzzle in European football.Kane’s future has been strongly linked with Manchester City since the European Championship.Although there are a number of clubs that want Kane, only Manchester City can afford his transfer fee and wages.Anyone who knows anything about football knows that if the two underdogs who missed out on reaching the top of Europe manage to get together, the next few years of European football will probably be dominated by Manchester City.To this end, Kane did not hesitate to “civilized strike” against the club;To this end, City will not hesitate to increase the transfer price again and again…Kane stayed at White Hart Lane after tottenham chairman Levy’s hard-line approach to the deal, which could have transformed European football, ended in failure.But Kane’s men stayed, but the heart was gone…Kane, who was the premier League’s leading goalscorer and assistor last season, has made a miserable return to action, leaving him as James Bond and Levy with a broken tooth.Kane’s lackluster performance did not fade until Nuno was sacked and Conte took over.At the same time, with Manchester City in the premier League and Tottenham struggling to make it to the top four, Guardiola and Kane never seemed to cross paths again.This round of premier League, Manchester City sit etihad to meet the challenge of Tottenham.Before the game, Guardiola finally talked about last summer’s transfer of Kane, and big pour out the bitter water – his 4 offers, levy rejected.Four offers, though a sign of good faith, but also a problem – In Guardiola’s mind, Kane is not indispensable.The 28-year-old British emperor star, even if peerless, has no room for further appreciation.It is not the same as roma signing Barti (31) and Real Madrid signing Zinedine Zidane (29).Wasn’t there a ripple in Kane’s mind?Manchester City are willing to spend £100m on Gralesh, why not £150m on themselves?Why don’t you wait a few more days?Sure enough, a stoked Kane played his best game of the season.Son heung-min set up Khurusevski for the opening goal, but it was Kane who passed the ball to break the deadlock.Kane gave Spurs the lead again in the second half with a superb shot after Kyodogan equalised.Mahrez’s penalty was already an equaliser, but Kane beat Walker into the net in stoppage time…With two headkicks and three dazzling goals to beat the leaders on his own, Every minute of Kane’s time at the Etihad has left City fans feeling mixed emotions.The club’s historical champion was more like a sea king, and it didn’t seem to matter whether he was a grey-market one.Gralish didn’t get a minute of playing time in this game.Liu Xuande invited Zhuge Kongming to assist him three times in the thatched hut.Manchester City have made four bids for Kane, but have been unable to do so, perhaps because it has not met levy’s expectations.Will Guardiola regret the loss if Manchester City is turned around by Liverpool and the Champions League is once again lost to a lack of edge?