There is an unmarked tomb in Babaoshan, and the authorities kept it a secret until 40 years later they revealed who he was

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Guide language: on the battlefield for the sake of the country, for the sake of the people’s peace and stability, many soldiers are not afraid of sacrifice, always fighting in the front line of the battle, in order to win their best efforts.After the founding of new China, in order to mourn these heroes, the state gave them a lavish burial.Babaoshan in Beijing is a revolutionary cemetery, where countless heroes are buried.But there was one tombstone that remained unmarked until forty years later, when the true identity of the tombstone was revealed and everyone was awestruck. Who was the owner?After the founding of New China in 1949, the motherland built a revolutionary cemetery in Babaoshan the following year to mourn the heroes who made important contributions to the founding of New China.This is the most famous cemetery in China, where many heroes are buried as well as several founding marshals.But what we didn’t expect was that in such a famous cemetery there was an unknown tomb.During the War of Resistance against Japan, in order to win, many comrades of our Party chose to work underground, in charge of obtaining enemy intelligence, yan Youwen was one of the underground workers.In 1938, yan was transferred to fu zuoyi to assist him in his work because of his outstanding achievements.Yan again wen and Fu Zuoyi is a fellow, for fellow Fu Zuoyi is quite trust, plus Yan again wen excellent work record, soon won the attention of Fu Zuoyi.Later, he was appointed as Fu Zuoyi’s secretary by virtue of his outstanding achievements and was awarded the rank of major general by the Kuomintang.Although he made such great achievements in the Kuomintang, he always remembered his true identity as an intelligence worker of our party.Although his position in the Kuomintang continued to rise, but he never thought of betraying the organization, has been doing his best to contribute to our party.During the War of Liberation, in order to defeat the Kuomintang and win the battle, our army sent Wang Yufenglai to contact Yan Youwen.In order to help the Kuomintang win the battle, Yan youwen uses the advantage of his position to obtain a lot of information inside the Kuomintang, and then tells it all to Wang Yufeng.Later yan obtained a lot of important information and handed it all over to our party, which successfully defeated the Kuomintang.Peiping is an area with a long history, which not only has rich cultural heritage, but also many memorable things.If we launch a war here, all these things will be destroyed. In order to peacefully liberate Peiping, Yan Youwen finds Fu Zuoyi.He told him that if the two sides fought in Peiping, everything would be destroyed and he would be a sinner forever.The only alternative was to surrender, yan said. After much thought, Fu zuoyi chose to revolt and let Peiping be peacefully liberated.1949 was a historic year when the People’s Republic of China was founded.Now that all the fighting is over, Yan could have chosen to return to the party organization, but for the sake of the country’s peace and stability, he remained in the KMT as a sleeper.Until his death, yan you-wen’s true identity was unknown and he was thought to be a KMT general.In order to mourn him and thank him for his contributions, the central government specially erected an unknown monument to him in Babaoshan.Until then, only a few high-ranking generals knew who the unknown monument was, and whenever they saw it, they stood in awe.No one except the senior generals knew who the unknown tablet was, and it was not until forty years later that it was known to be yan Youwen’s.Only then did we know that Yan Youwen was not a senior general of the Kuomintang, but an excellent intelligence worker of our army, who had been lurking in the Kuomintang all his life for the sake of the country and the revolution.After the founding of New China, for the sake of national peace and stability, he did not choose to return to the organization but continued to stay in the KUOMINTANG to provide important information for our army.After learning the true identity of the tombstone, all the soldiers had a great respect for him, with the highest etiquette to pay tribute to him, to express their admiration.Summary: Yan Youwen is a very excellent intelligence worker, for the revolution and new China, he is not afraid of sacrifice, has been lurking around the enemy, to help our army to obtain important information.After the founding of New China, in order to help the peace and stability of our country, he gave up the comfortable happy life and chose the dangerous latent work.He devoted his whole life to information work, and he devoted his whole life to serving the Party and new China.Although he is now gone, his contribution will be remembered by all in history.