Did you hear the first spring thunder in Shiyan this morning?Here comes the lightning protection guide

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Qin Chu net – Shiyan headlines reporter Luo Yi reports: early in the morning of 14th, accompanied by a spring rain, the first spring thunder of this year sounded.According to the city lightning center, the first sound of spring thunder explosion, indicating that Shiyan has entered the peak period of thunderstorms, the public should pay attention to lightning protection.Shiyan meteorological department issued the first orange alert signal of the year for hail at around 5 am Thursday, warning residents to take precautions.Accompanied by hail, many places in Shiyan also sounded the thunder, the first spring thunder of the year arrived.Statistics show that the first lightning strike of the year occurred in Shiyan on May 14.According to the number of lightning flashes, there are 28 positive flashes and 6 negative flashes.From the regional distribution, yunyang district 15 times, Zhuxi 6 times, Zhushan 2 times, Fangxian 3 times, Danjiangkou 6 times, Shiyan city 2 times.It is the awakening of Insects solar term, spring thunder began to be active.So, why does it thunder around the Awakening of Insects solar term?Experts introduced that after the arrival of Insects, the warm and humid air and the cold air fierce confrontation, caused a strong vertical convection of air movement.When the moist warm air rises to a certain height, it will form a tall cumulonimbus cloud. The strong electric field in the cloud makes the collision of positive and negative charges and discharge, so that the thunder suddenly occurs.City lightning protection center, every year from April to August is shiyan lightning season.To prevent thunder and lightning, we should pay attention to these aspects: when people go out, we must pay attention to listen to, watch or check the local weather forecast online, judge whether there is thunder and lightning weather.When lightning occurs, quickly take shelter in a building or deep cave with lightning protection devices. Cars are also ideal places to avoid lightning strikes.If you cannot shelter in a lightning-proof building in the field, stay away from tall and isolated objects such as trees, telephone poles, and chimneys. Do not stay near iron fences, metal clotheslines, overhead metal bodies, and railway tracks.Do not enter the outdoor isolated hut, box and other low buildings without lightning protection device.Keep away from transmission and distribution wires, overhead telephone cables, etc.Avoid small areas that are particularly vulnerable to lightning, such as rock fractures, large rock cracks, and ground exits of buried pipelines.On the top of the head, thunder and lightning if no suitable places of lightning protection, should look for a piece of the lower level, lower center of gravity as far as possible and reduce the human body and the ground contact area, can drop, feet together, hands on his knees, body bend forward, temporary escape, don’t lie on the ground, if put on raincoat, lightning protection effect will be better.If the person is much do not concentrate together, perhaps hand in hand lean together.Do not use the umbrella that has metal tip in open field, do not carry spade and other farm tools on the shoulder, put down the metal thing on the body best when squatting for lightning, put in the place beyond a few meters, especially the metal frame glasses that should be worn pick down.Do not use mobile phones in the wild, do not swim in other water sports and work, do not carry out outdoor ball games, climbing, riding and other sports, do not drive motorcycles, bicycles on the road, do not run when thunder.When lightning strikes, it is safer to stay indoors, but this is also relative to being outside.If you are not careful to take measures indoors, you may suffer from indirect lightning strikes as well as direct spherical lightning strikes.Therefore, when encountering thunderstorm weather, must close good doors and Windows indoors.As far as possible away from metal doors and Windows, metal curtain wall or power outlets, do not stand on the balcony, do not stand barefoot on the mud or cement floor, it is best to mat under the feet of non-conductive items or sit on a wooden chair.Do not get close to, touch any metal pipeline more, include conduit, central heating pipe, gas pipe to wait.If the building does not have lightning protection device, it is better not to use any household appliances indoors, including all kinds of home appliances such as TV, computer, radio, telephone, washing machine, microwave oven, and had better unplug all power lines, network cables and telephone lines.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)