Harry and Meghan’s dog’s name flipped over!That’s what it means!

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Harry and Meghan have a black Labrador, who is also a member of the family and is sometimes photographed.The dog’s name was initially unknown as the couple had not spoken to the media about it before.There are some details about The dog in their biography, Finding Freedom: Harry And Meghan And The Making Of A Modern Royal Family.The black Labrador, named Pula, was adopted by Harry and Meghan shortly after they got married in 2018.Harry and Meghan, who visited Botswana together twice in 2016 and 2017, named their dog after the local currency, Pula, in honor of their romantic getaway.In the local language, Pula also means “rain water,” which is rare and precious, and is often used as a blessing.After falling out with the British royal family and moving away to the US, the pair also became the focus of global media attention and coverage.The dog’s name has been trending on Twitter in Romania.”Every time I see this word in a media report, I jump, don’t they know what it means?”After being pointed out by a netizen, many people joined disS.The group of netizens were shocked when they learned the dog’s name.A lot of people said, “What is this name? Did you research the meaning of the word before you named it?”I don’t know. It’s a little hot for your eyes?What has a nice meaning in Botswana is an extremely awkward meme in Romania.”Pula” is a slang term for a man’s genitalia in the Romanian language, and is generally shunned by locals because of its indecency and vulgarity.Originally quite a style of a name, did not think accidentally turned over the car……..And this lovely Labrador, is a girl, to give a girl such a name, it can be seen that the owner of the owner is a little careless ah, perhaps in the heart of his own romantic history.Isn’t it a little funny to think of a cute, innocent Labrador being called around by such a name?For more interesting information, please click “follow” author ~