How to self-test for COVID-19 antigens at home?Provincial disease control experts hand in hand to teach you

2022-05-08 0 By

Step 1: Wash your hands and blow your nose.Wash hands with running water or hand sanitizer.Step 2: Understand the testing process.Carefully read the instructions of antigen self-test reagents and related matters needing attention.Step 3: Reagent preparation.Check whether the antigen self-test reagent is within the warranty period, and check whether the contents of nasal swabs, sample tubes and test cards are missing or damaged.If the reagent expires or its contents are missing or damaged, the reagent should be replaced in time.Step 4: Sample.To sample, insert the nasal swab into the nasal cavity 1 ~ 1.5 cm, rotate it 4 times, and then sample another nasal cavity.Step 5: After taking out the swab, open the sampling tube, insert it, squeeze and turn it against the wall and mix evenly, and then cover it.Step 6: Drop 4 drops into the test hole and observe the results within 20 minutes. If there is a band of T line, it indicates that it is positive, if there is no, it indicates that the result is negative.If the C line does not come out, it means that the quality control line does not come out, it means that the experiment is not established, and the operation needs to be repeated.(Reporter Yang Xu, correspondent Liu Zhanfeng, Wang Jianpo)